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A hot topic before and during a camino: THE WEATHER!

September 11, 2019: We recieve a picture of some of our hikers in Picos de Europa, ...In the snow! OK, it's not on the camino, but still!  It shows that you have to be prepared for everything in northern Spain as the weather can always surprise you. Fortunately these days are an exception and the next days will be sunny with over 20 degrees celsius.

The weather, is a hot topic before and during a camino. "I want to walk the Camino Portugues in May...what kind of weather can i expect?", " Do I need warm clothing on the camino Frances in October?" All these questions concern pilgrims and it is the reason to dive into this topic a little deeper.


The pilgrim and the weather

Pilgrims and the weather have a special connection.


Pilgrims curse the weather when it rains,

puff when it's too hot

and walk the first kilometers of every stage in the cold mornings.



From my own experience i can say that a pilgrim is only concern about 3 things along the way:  Where do I sleep? What do I eat? And what will the weather be like?

So back to basics. Not that you can influence the weather, but dry feet, sun, not too much wind and a pleasant temperature are the ideal conditions for walking or cycling a camino. It is also useful to know in advance what the weather will be like, because you can better estimate what you should take with you and you don´t put unnecessary items in your backpack, so pilgrims should keep a close eye on weather forecasts. There are various weather apps in circulation that you can download on your phone. Here you can find the results of the best weather apps.


What is the best time to walk or cycle a camino at all?

Pilgrimage is possible throughout the year, but the seasons and paths can vary considerably. On the camino, depending on the route that you choose, the oceanic, the Mediterranean and the mountain climate alternate. This means that the weather can change completely in a short time and that it can vary considerably per region, so when to walk the Camino is very personal but in general, we can say the best time is between April and October (and try to avoid the months of July and August. Then it can be very hot and many Spaniards also have vacation and it can be a bit busier than usual ;o) November and March could also be good months and the occupations is a lot lower! 

In 2021 there is a new holy year in Santiago de Compostela. Then it can be even more people than normal. Here you will find 5 tips on how to prepare for the Holy Year again.


An overview of the climate data of different pilgrim routes

"I want to walk the Camino del Norte in May next year, what kind of weather can i expect?" This is actually a very good question...but so difficult to answer, without falling into generalities. I often say: we can arrange everything for you, except the weather. Experiences from the past are useful to know, but they do not guarantee the future. They give more a picture of "what can happen".

Our advice: focus on the climate data of the region in question, for the time in the year that you are going. Also take into account the outliers that are possible. We have made an overview of the weather in the cities along the camino to Santiago, as well as the climate data per month on the various pilgrim routes. It can help you choose the ideal time to walk or cycle your camino. You can find the overview here.

To summarize: As a pilgrim,  good or bad weather all you want is to move forward to the next place. In the summer, for example, I see more and more pilgrims taking a "siesta" between 3 and 5 o'clock and then continue walking or cycling as at that time the weather is slightly more pleasant. What about if it rains....then hiding together in a bar  also has its charms, right?


The great thing is: 

Everyone always ends up at their destination

so dont be afraid of the weather,

just be prepared for it.

At the end of the day this is the one thing

you cant control, so just go with the flow and enjoy!


Buen camino!

Annemiek Nefkens

Happy Holiday Manager


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