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The Credential & Compostela (pilgrims pass)

Your personal pilgrim document


The Credencial en Compostela (Pilgrim's Passport and Declaration)

"The Credencial" (or credential) of the Camino de Santiago is the document you need so that you can prove that you are a walking or cycling pilgrim, and you can record your pilgrimage by having it stamped at various points on a of the pilgrimages.

You can collect stamps for your pilgrim pass in the pilgrim hostels, hotels, town halls, churches, shops, and bars along one of the Caminos on one of the pilgrimages.

It is also called pilgrim passportCredencial”.

Once you have arrived from your pilgrimage in Santiago de Compostela, this passport with stamps is the proof to receive the Compostela, this is THE document that certifies that the pilgrim walker or cyclist has completed the Camino.

You will receive the Compostela under the following condition:

  • You must have covered at least 100KM on foot/on horseback.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have only covered the “last 100KM”, you have to get a stamp twice a day in the Galician part of the Camino.

  • You must have covered at least 200KM on the bike.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have only covered the “last 200KM”, you have to get a stamp twice a day in the Galician part of the Camino.

The official Credencial for the Camino de Santiago contains the personal information of the pilgrim on the first page, there is a place for the stamp of the place on one of the various caminos where this 'passport' was issued and a box for the last stamp of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

In order to get your well-deserved compostela, it is not mandatory that you complete the Camino in one go. It is true that it is NOT allowed to deviate from the pilgrim route or to skip parts.

Another fact is that the Compostela in question is issued to pilgrims whose Credencials have been correctly stamped and have thus been able to prove their pilgrimage, and have fulfilled these for religious or spiritual reasons or for the purpose of searching for themselves.

Pilgrims who have made the famous pilgrimage as a leisure activity or because they are sports enthusiasts can request another certificate at the pilgrim's office in Santiago de Compostela, this is the Pilgrim Certificate.

A digital version has also been available since 2021. Read more about the digital pilgrim passport here. The rules for both versions are identical.

Required minimum distance / Starting points per camino:

For walkers:

Pilgrims who travel the Camino de Finisterre – Muxia do the first part of the route, which connects both coastal cities and then walk the rest of the stages to Santiago, also covering the necessary 100 km.

This does not apply to cyclists, because they cannot meet the minimum number of KM, this also applies to the Camino Ingles.

For cyclists:

If you still have questions about this, please contact us here!

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