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How to order

  1. It is easy to receive a quote for your customized holiday in Northern Spain. Let us know your wishes and thoughts about your perfect trip, either by calling, by filling out the questionnaire, or simply by sending an email to
  2. Usually within 24 hours, we will respond via e-mail with a proposal to your holiday. We will edit it until the final offer is in accordance with your wishes. The most important thing for us is that your gut feeling is right when you book the trip. Then we will do our very best to live up to your expectations.
  3. When you think the holiday design is fully in place, this must be confirmed to Spain is More. Depending on the type of holiday you will have to confirm it either through an e -mail with the required information, or through your login where you can see the journey and the necessary personal information required. Once we receive your confirmation of the journey, your booking is binding in accordance to Spain is More "s travel conditions. We always treat personal information confidentially and discreetly according to the data protection law. The information is only used when strictly necessary, such as when ordering car rental or flight tickets.
  4. Once we have received your information we will book the agreed hotels, flights, events, activities, etc.
  5. You must then determine whether you want to take out cancellation insurance, which covers you and your closest family and to some extent your travel companions in the period prior to departure in the event of illness, death or other serious circumstances.

    Cancellation insurance: If you wish to take out cancellation insurance, you can do so through Allianz. Once you have accepted the trip and filled in the passengers\' details, we will send you an email with the confirmation of the trip. In that mail there will be a link where you can purchase the insurance. The whole purchase process will be done through Allianz so Spain is More will have nothing to do with it or with the insurance conditions. If for any reason you need to use the insurance once you have purchased it, you will have to contact Allianz directly.

    When should I arrange cancelacion insurance?
    • We recommend that you arrange travel insurance on the day you book your trip. But in any case, within three days afterwards.
    • If your trip is due to commence after 30 days or more, you can arrange your policy with us up to 30 days before commencement of travel. However, the cover extends only to those insured events that occur after you have arranged your policy.
    • If your trip is due to commence within the next 29 days, the travel cover must be arranged immediately; but in any case within the next three days.
    • If you are arranging annual travel cover, bookings made before the insurance is arranged will be included if the trip starts in 30 days at the earliest. If your trip is due to commence within 29 days or less, your annual insurance policy must be arranged within three days of the booking for the booking to be included in your annual travel cover.

  6. Once we receive your order we will contact all relevant business partners in Spain. If all the agreed reservations are still possible will Spain is More confirm your trip via e-mail.
  7. We always strive to send your confirmation within 48 hours after we received your order. If part of the booking for one reason or another cant be done during the period between the submission and acceptance of the offer, you will be contacted as soon as possible with proposals for amendments.
  8. When all reservations are confirmed will you receive a conformation from Spain is More by e-mail. When Spain is More confirm your journey you will receive an invoice as well as information regarding payment methods. You can pay via bank transfer or by Visa or Mastercard.
  9. Latest two weeks prior to departure you will receive a complete travel guide with, among others, tickets, recommendations, maps, directions etc.

    During your holiday our office in Spain is always willing to assist with any questions or challenges.
  10. We are looking forward to assisting you discovering the best of Northern Spain.
  11. For more legal information, and to resolve any questions please check out the "terms and conditions".