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About us

Our Office


Our office is located in the heart of northwestern Spain, more specifically in León approx. 300 km north of Madrid.

The office is located in the main street of Leon’s stunning old town. Its geographical location is perfect because we can both ensure proximity to our customers during their holiday stay, and because we are close to our partners. Thus, we have our fingers on the regions pulse in order to offer our customers the best deals and best experiences. Although we are in Spain, modern technology guarantees that we are easily accessible. And even though we are physically located in Spain, we have landline numbers to different countries so that you only pay rate as a local landline number. Furthermore, we are always available through Skype, chat or e-mail.


Our aim is turning your holiday in Northern Spain into a really special experience. Thanks to our deep knowledge of the area, we know hidden, secret and the most remarkable places, which "normal" tourists do not usually find.

We emphasize that the experience we offer is unique and that our guests experience the Spaniards’ own Spain, whether you travel with our group trips or on your own by car, train, foot or bicycle.

Our group tours are followed either by English-speaking tour guides or local multilingual guides. On our drive-yourself trips, you will be at every moment assisted by our personalized travel guide in English, which describes your trip in detail and suggests the best restaurants, beaches, attractions and tours, including addresses to the pre-booked hotels, activities and more.

In Northern Spain, everything is possible regardless of your age. Let us know about your needs and wants, and we will design your dream vacation in Northern Spain.

More information:



Co-owner, Administration Director and Manager for the English and Spanish spoken markets
Languages: Spanish, English and Danish.

My name is Virginia Fernandez de Vega and I am the founder and owner of "Spain is More". I was born and raised in León in Northern Spain and I am therefore your best guide to the region. Our office is located in the beautiful old part of León.

I have learned English from one year at a university in Scotland and many stays in USA. Furthermore, I have lived in Denmark for 6 years and I speak Danish as well.

I have organized many trips to Northern Spain for people who wanted to visit my fantastic home-area. All with a fantastic result and with lots of happy returning guests.

Such an unknown part of Spain has a lot to offer to foreign tourists, and Spain is More was created with the aim of helping people experience this wonderful corner of Spain.

The interest for holidays in Northern Spain has greatly increased and today we work closely with local tourist organizations and other stakeholders in the Northern Spanish tourist industry and we all have the same goal; granting our guests with a fantastic experience in Northern Spain.

We look forward to welcoming you in this undiscovered paradise.



Co-owner and Sales and Marketing Director
Languages: Danish, English and Spanish.

Over the past 13 years I have visited Northern Spain on countless occasions. Since 2009 I have been living in León - in the north-western part of Spain. I like to take every opportunity to visit new parts of the area or increase my knowledge of already known destinations. This way we can continue to expand and update our extensive guidebook that our guests receive before their holiday.

Northern Spain will be able to satisfy even the most demanding guest because the area is incredibly varied. This fact also makes everyday fun, as the search for new destinations includes everything from visiting attractive beaches and high mountains to beautiful castles and historic towns. Not least, it includes visiting the best hotels in the region and trying out exciting activities to find the best solutions for our guests.

We only work with high quality places and we expect an extraordinary level of service from our partners, so that our guests will experience the very best of Northern Spain.

I look forward to hearing from you so that I can send you a proposal for your special holiday in Northern Spain.



German market manager
Languages: German, English or Spanish

Hello, my name is Louise and I'm German.

I arrived in León in 2010 and I fell in love with the beauty of northern Spain: without a doubt, a paradise to discover. Little by little I discovered new places and corners of the north of this magnificent country and I continue to do so as often as possible. As a result, I know perfectly well how to advise and help you to get to know this area, whether individually, as a couple or with children, I assure you that it will surprise you.

I love to travel, enjoy nature and discover a new landscape either walking or by bike. Professionally I come from another area, but my love for the north of Spain has brought me to the Spain is More team... 
The north of Spain offers a wide variety of opportunities to fall in love, not only because of its fantastic landscapes, mountains and beaches but also for its people and of course for its gastronomy. The culinary side is a real treat for the palate.

If you want to travel like a local, contact me and I will give you the opportunity to discover Northern Spain as the paradise that it is.



Danish Market Manager.
Languages: Danish, Spanish, English

My name is Irene Ladegaard Jakobsen and I have worked in, and with Spain for the last 25 years. Spain is where I find my favorite holiday destinations, and I consider this country as my second home.

Since 2001, I have worked in Denmark as a travel consultant, travel producer and I have worked as tour guide around Andalusia. In addition, I have worked for many years with travel insurance, and I am happy to help with good advice for ordering the right travel insurance.

Among other things, I have work at the Spanish Tourist Office in Copenhagen. During this period, I have walked and cycled parts of the Camino de Santiago. I have also enjoyed the exquisite gastronomic experience that comes with trips to the Northern Spain. A couple of stays at the fantastic Parador hotels, have also been included during my holidays. I have been driven quite a few self-drive holidays across the country.

With residence in Denmark, I am employed by Spain is More as Marketing Manager for Denmark.



Sales Manager region The Netherlands and Belgium
Languages: Dutch, English and Spanish.

I'm Ziggy, from the Netherlands. After living on Ibiza for many years, it was time to make the mainland of Spain my true home, and go back with my tribe to the roots of my Spanish husband, the North of Spain.

And how blessed I am to be able to live here! The north of Spain is a true paradise! Every trip we do we discover something new and beautiful, and we are enjoying an unforgettable experience! And I am very pleased to give you the same experience and organize your trip!

It's not only the beauty of the big mountains, the deep blue mixed with turquoise sea and the all-around green nature, but also the way of life and the amazingly kind people that make this one of my favorite parts of Spain for me.

I am extremely excited and to give the people who are traveling with Spain Is More the most unique travel experience ever!.

”No hay camino largo, si el destino vale la pena”
(No journey is too long if the destination is worth it).



Administration and back office Manager
Languages: Spanish and English.

Hi! My name is Sofia. I am responsible for the administration and bookings at Spain is More I will make sure everything is perfectly planned for your trip.

I really enjoy my job and I learn something new every day.

I was born in León where I also studied. During my university studies, I lived one year in Budapest and another one in England. I speak English and, of course, Spanish.

I love traveling and getting to know new cultures. The north of Spain is spectacular, and it never stops amazing me. I always go to visit new places when I have the time.

Waking the Camino was a very enriching experience for me, both personally and professionally. What I liked the most was meeting new people every day and sharing our life stories.



Administration and back-office Manager
Languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Hi, I'm Alvaro! I was born and grew up in León, in the northwest of Spain.

After I graduated, I decided to travel to continue my training, which led me to spend several years living in England, Ireland, and Italy. Knowing different countries each with its culture, made me become a more tolerant person, discovering new points of view.

In my free time I love hiking, and Picos de Europa is the best place to do so. I am so lucky that it is only a couple of hours driving from León where I live and work at the head offices of Spain is More. Another of my favorite sports in the wintertime is skiing.

The north of Spain has mild and sunny summers and I love going to the Asturian and Galician coast where I enjoy incredible landscapes and beaches along with extraordinary gastronomy.

I encourage you to discover one of the most unknown and beautiful areas of Spain. I can guarantee you that this will not be just another trip, it will be unforgettable!