Co-owner and co-founder.
Languages: Spanish, English and Danish .

Dear guest, My name is Virginia Fernandez de Vega and I am the founder and owner of "Spain is More". I was born and raised in León in Northern Spain and I am therefore your best guide to the region. Our office is located in the beautiful old part of León.

I have learned English from one year at a university in Scotland and many stays in USA. Furthermore, I have lived in Denmark for 6 years and I speak Danish as well.

I have organized many trips to Northern Spain for people who wanted to visit my fantastic home-area. All with a fantastic result and with lots of happy returning guests.

Such an unknown part of Spain has a lot to offer to foreign tourists, and Spain is More was created with the aim of helping people experience this wonderful corner of Spain.

The interest for holidays in Northern Spain has greatly increased and today we work closely with local tourist organizations and other stakeholders in the Northern Spanish tourist industry and we all have the same goal; granting our guests with a fantastic experience in Northern Spain.

We look forward to welcoming you in this undiscovered paradise.




Co-owner and co-founder.
Languages: Danish/Scandinavian, Spanish, English.

Over the past 13 years I have visited Northern Spain on countless occasions. Since 2009 I have been living in León - in the north-western part of Spain. I like to take every opportunity to visit new parts of the area or increase my knowledge of already known destinations. This way we can continue to expand and update our extensive guidebook that our guests receive before their holiday.

Northern Spain will be able to satisfy even the most demanding guest because the area is incredibly varied. This fact also makes everyday fun, as the search for new destinations includes everything from visiting attractive beaches and high mountains to beautiful castles and historic towns. Not least, it includes visiting the best hotels in the region and trying out exciting activities to find the best solutions for our guests.

We only work with high quality places and we expect an extraordinary level of service from our partners, so that our guests will experience the very best of Northern Spain.

I look forward to hearing from you so that I can send you a proposal for your special holiday in Northern Spain.


Sofia Pardo de la Torre


Sofia is an indispensible part of our staff since she handles all of our reservations and is in charge of making sure that all of the fine points of each trip work out perfectly. In other words, she pays great attention to every detail. She was born and raised in León, where she also studied at the University. Besides her degree, she's fluent in Spanish and English and has extensive knowledge to contribute after living and working in both Hungary and England.


Laila Ras


Laila is Dutch and it's our pleasure that she's decided to reside in León and become part of staff at Spain is More. Laila is responsible for the Dutch aspect of our agency, making sure that all of our Dutch-speaking customers have a fantastic holiday, experiencing the Camino de Santiago or traveling through Northern Spain. Besides her fluency in English and Dutch, Laila is also fluent in Spanish and is very familiar with Northern Spain due to her Erasmus scholarship stay at the University of Salamanca.


Our Office


Our office is located in the heart of northwestern Spain, more specifically in León approx. 300 km north of Madrid.

The office is located in the main street of Leon’s stunning old town. Its geographical location is perfect because we can both ensure proximity to our customers during their holiday stay, and because we are close to our partners. Thus, we have our fingers on the regions pulse in order to offer our customers the best deals and best experiences. Although we are in Spain, modern technology guarantees that we are easily accessible. And even though we are physically located in Spain, we have landline numbers to different countries so that you only pay rate as a local landline number. Furthermore, we are always available through Skype, chat or e-mail.


Our aim is turning your holiday in Northern Spain into a really special experience. Thanks to our deep knowledge of the area, we know hidden, secret and the most remarkable places, which "normal" tourists do not usually find.

We emphasize that the experience we offer is unique and that our guests experience the Spaniards’ own Spain, whether you travel with our group trips or on your own by car, train, foot or bicycle.

Our group tours are followed either by English-speaking tour guides or local multilingual guides. On our drive-yourself trips, you will be at every moment assisted by our personalized travel guide in English, which describes your trip in detail and suggests the best restaurants, beaches, attractions and tours, including addresses to the pre-booked hotels, activities and more.

In Northern Spain, everything is possible regardless of your age. Let us know about your needs and wants, and we will design your dream vacation in Northern Spain.

More information:

(+34) 518 888 465

ES (+34) 518 888 465

UK (+44) 020 81 44 37 11
USA (+001) 347 480 1050
IRELAND (+353) 766 805 902

DA (+45) 36 98 08 63

DE:(+49) 3222/1098400

NL (+31) 858 883 565
NORGE (+47) 239 607 02

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Northern Spain offers world-class experiences within nature, culture, gastronomy and traditions.

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Northern Spain conceals countless secrets waiting to be discovered, tasted, seen and tried.

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