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Travel conditions

Please review the following terms and conditions before purchasing your holiday from "Spain is More".

"Spain is More 2010 S.L." (hereinafter simply "Spain is More " ) is a Spanish registered travel agency with main office in León in north-western Spain.

Spain is More is a reputable travel agency and we only make holidays in collaboration with professional and dedicated partners, whether it comes to car rental, hotels, activities , guides, trains, river cruises etc.

According to Spanish law a travel agency is compulsory member of the Spanish travel guarantee, which in all important aspects is identical to all other travel guarantee schemes in the EU, ensuring our guests that Spain is More will always live up to our professional responsibility. Our guests are 100 % covered by the collateral and the assurances that under Spanish law is inevitable for travel companies, including of course "Spain is More".

"Spain is More " is registered as a travel agency at " Dirección General de Turismo de Castilla y León " under license number : CICL.24 – 072.

See the link for more information and documentation:

  1. Booking of the trip
  2. Any final booking and reservation must be made either by e-mail to Spain is More or via your personal log-in to our website (whether you receive a log-in or not, depends on the type of journey).

    The reservation is binding for the guest/customer (hereinafter guest) when Spain is More by e-mail receives the necessary personal data of all travellers.

    The guest is obliged when booking to provide Spain is More the following information on all travel participants: full name(s) (according to passport), address (-es), a mobile phone number of the phone which you intend to bring on the holiday, birthday(-s) and, if possible e -mail address (-es). Guests are further obliged when booking to disclose any personal circumstances of the guest or fellow travellers requiring special consideration during the journey ( this refers to disabilities, allergies, etc.).

    A reservation is first binding for Spain is More when the journey is finally confirmed by Spain is More via e -mail, hereinafter referred to as time of confirmation. We endeavour to mail the confirmation within two business days after booking the trip. When ordering the customer is assumed to have read and accepted the terms and conditions of travel and stay.

    Until Spain is More has confirmed the reservation may be cancelled by Spain is More, without cost to the customer or to Spain is More.
  3. Trip price
  4. The price of the trip includes all the services mentioned in the quote incl. all mandatory taxes and fees. Breakfast, other meals and other activities/services are not included in the price unless they are clearly stated in the final quote. The price quoted is, unless otherwise stated, valid for a maximum of 10 days after submission.

    Special hotel facilities such as a tennis court, internet, access to spa and wellness, etc. are usually not included in the price.
  5. Payment
  6. When Spain is More confirms your trip, your invoice is transmitted at the same time, for payment of deposit and subsequently the remaining balance. The payment can be done via bank transfer or by VISA or MASTERCARD. Information on wire transfers is shown on the invoice. If you prefer to pay with credit card you will receive a separate link to our secured payment system. If you pay with credit card Spain is More will only receive a message from the bank regarding the payment and Spain is More will never receive any personal credit card information.

    IMPORTANT when making a wire transfer:
    Please, add the invoice number and name to your payment.

    The customer shall hold any cost related to the payment by bank transfer.

    The deposit is 40% of the total holiday price and must be paid within 3 days after time of confirmation, unless otherwise stated in the invoice. Failing to pay the deposit after the specified time stated on the invoice, the guest is liable for possibly increased prices on flights, lack of availability on selected hotels etc. Between the time of confirmation and payment of deposit, Spain is More is entitled to cancel the booking if the price of such tickets, car rental or other has changed so the total price no longer can be acquired. In this case, the trip is cancelled at no cost to Spain is More. Once the trip is confirmed by Spain is more the guest is obliged to pay the deposit in any circumstances.

    The remaining 60 % of the price must be paid no later than 30 days before departure date. Later payment entitle Spain is More to cancel the reservation without refunding the deposit.

    When booking your holiday within less than 30 days prior departure the full amount of the journey shall be paid within 3 days after time of confirmation.
  7. Cancellations
  8. If the guest cancels the trip more than 60 days before departure, the deposit is lost. If the trip is cancelled between 60 to 30 days before departure, 60 % of the total price of the trip lost. The total cost of the trip lost in case of cancellation later than 30 days before departure.

    Admission Tickets (see above) are exempted from the rules on cancellation. These tickets can never be refunded in whole or in part. If the holiday is cancelled such tickets are considered separately and not as part of the deposit payment. Read more about travel and cancellation insurance below.

    In case Spain is More, before guest departure cancels or makes significant changes to the journey, the guest must be informed right away.

    Contracts based on customer's special request, such as a theatre or football tickets or other agreements that require admission or similar must, in order to be valid, appear on the final travel quote and the event price must be paid in full to Spain is More together with the deposit. Such tickets cannot be changed or refunded after ordering regardless of the rules of cancellation, unless the guest has separate cancellation insurance. In this case, the insurance company must be contacted regarding any compensation. There is no right of cancellation or revocation for such events. Whenever possible, tickets shall be sent to the customer before departure. Alternatively, the tickets can be picked up at the destination according to the information provided by Spain is More.

    Spain is More can not be held responsible for changes, modifications or cancellations to such events, games, shows, concerts etc. and all costs of changes or modifications of flights, hotels, etc. are held by the customer. Spain is More will, however, help to change the bookings so that the trip can be implemented.
  9. Change of itinerary/travel
  10. If the guest until 10 days prior to departure wants to change the program of the journey, such as for example the hotels itinerary, car size, or an activity will be charged for the possible increase of the change plus 10 % of the price of the new amendment, with a minimum of 35 € /change.

    If a change in the itinerary is made later than 10 days prior to departure or during the vacation the changes will cost 20% of the price of the new change, with a minimum of 50 € /change.
  11. Responsibilities
  12. Spain is More takes on no responsibility for acts or circumstances beyond its control such as strikes, theft, weather or other situations of force majeure that might disrupt the normal development of the contracted services.

    In all cases the customer is required to urgently inform Spain is More on any anomaly at the time an incident occurs, so that Spain is More can immediately take necessary measures to try to minimize any negative consequences.

    Phone and e-mail address for Spain is More can be found in the travel documents sent to the customer prior to departure.
  13. Airfares
  14. Ordered flight through Spain is More is done on terms that are applicable to the individual airlines. Airlines are 100% responsible for delays, damages, cancellations etc. and Spain is More is not obliged to compensate costs such circumstances have caused the guest. Guest must in every case and at any time contact the airline directly concerning compensation for cancellation, delay, baggage problems etc. 

    It is the guest´s responsibility to ensure that baggage weight, size and number matches the rules of the individual airline company.
  15. Car rental
  16. Spain is More works exclusively with reputable and professional providers of car rental. Rental conditions depend on the car rental company, but basically contain a basic insurance and unlimited mileage.

    The guest might be charged local taxes or fees for pickup, in particularly, in case of returning the car at another location than the picked up.
    Spain is More is not responsible for late pickup or late delivery of the car, as well as opening hours for local car rental-offices. Additional costs of oversight, oblivion or late pick up or drop off, is held to its full extent by the guest and settled directly with the rental company.

    Optional equipment (GPS, child seats etc.), additional driver, extra insurance etc. must be agreed and settled directly with the rental company upon pick up. Equiptment can be pre booked at Spain is More, but must be paid directly to the company upon pick up.
  17. Cottages/holidays homes
  18. Spain is More uses a wide range of holiday homes which are mostly owned by private landlords. Spain is More works exclusively with reputable landlords, but the conditions can despite vary slightly. When renting villas/apartments our guests are at any time subject to the rules applicable to the property.

    Allergy: although the house description says that pets are not allowed, the homeowner can have had pets while staying in the house. We encourage allergy delegate to contact us personally before booking so we can consult with the owner.

    Bedding, linens, towels and similar are, unless stated otherwise, always included in the rent.
  19. Responsible travel agent
  20. All the offers and descriptions available on website are organized by:

    Spain is More 2010 S.L.
    Calle Ancha 23, 3
    24003 León
    C.I.F : B24635476 . Título-Licencia : CICL.24 – 072.
    Main responsibility: Virginia Fernández de Vega Chávarri and Rasmus Dissing Pedersen.