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The Digital Pilgrims Passport

Innovation on the St James path


The Digital Pilgrims Passport


In 2021, the Cathedral de Santiago is launching a new digital pilgrim passport in addition to the traditional paper passport.

The Pilgrim’s passport, also known as the credencial, has been a staple for pilgrims on the Camino for hundreds of years on all the camino´s.

The new digital version of the passport has been in the works for some time but in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is more impetus to make it available.

Overall, it is a great innovation as it means a contactless way to collect the pilgrim stamps along all  the  different Camino´s.

Using the digital version means cutting down on queues of people lining up for stamps and saves more time overall so you can enjoy your Camino even more!


Before undertaking your Camino de Santiago, download the new App to your IoS or Android device.

This App is available in the App stores, in 8 different languages.

Each point along the Camino called the reception points will have a QR code for you to scan.

Scanning this code via your App gives you a digital stamp on your digital passport.

The Pilgrim’s Office in Santiago is working to ensure that all reception points on all the camino´s will have QR codes unique to them.

When you have obtained all of your digital stamps, this will allow you to obtain your official Compostela Certificate!

As 2021 and 2022 will be holy years "XACOBEO" on the camino, there is definitely a demand for more digital innovations to ensure health and safety guidelines are met.

More info about how to get your Compostela you can find here!

We look forward to hearing about more future digital innovations!