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10 tips to have a successful Camino to Santiago de Compostela

Read the tips of the Pilgrims!


1. Have confidence in everything and everyone and in yourself.

2. Take a thermos with you: You will always have something warm to drink.

3. A thin wool shirt with long sleeves and a sun hat are indispensable.

4. Eat a lot of cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and eggs: proteins for strong muscles.

5. Walk alone, or with your daughter, your friend, your wife, your father, or someone you find on your path. In short, find company that suits you and with who you can also be silent.

6. Don't  be too strict with yourself.

7. Put your bags full of dried fruit and nuts: carbohydrates and fats for a perfect energy level.

8. Reward yourself with something tasty every day: éclairs in France, churros in Spain

9. Getting lost is part of the journey: it is fantastic not to know where you are for a moment.

10. Ignore the bears.

Text and photo: Jolanda Stammes