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Extensive savings! Be ready for a wonderful surprise when you book your Full Camino!

Camino Price Benchmark - Full Camino


Dear Spain is More,

Thank you so much for arranging my trip this summer along the Camino from France to Santiago. I can't put my finger on one specific thing that made this the trip of a lifetime; everything was great. From my initial contact with you, to all of the wonderful nights in charming hotels and the amazing travel material you mailed me before leaving home, it has been an amazing experience. Before I booked with you I did a comparison among various travel agencies that might have been able to provide similar services and the resulting differences between them and Spain is More was stunning!!! Please, let me know how there could be such an enormous contrast, because I can’t figure it out! Since the price difference is so remarkable, I wanted to write this text, which you are welcome to use, because I would really like to help you encourage more people to travel with Spain is More. You can reprint this text and the benchmark below as you wish. Thanks again! Sam.

Price Comparison Camino

Extensive savings! Be ready for a wonderful surprise when you book your Full Camino! 

Price Comparison when you walk the FULL CAMINO Francés.

If you are considering walking the entire Camino, from St.Jean Pied de Port and all 800 km’s to Santiago, there is a lot to take into consideration. I walked this tour in the summer of 2016 and found that price difference varied enormously! It was huge. I didn’t have any requirements regarding accommodations except having a private bath, so I decided to run with the least expensive choice. Spain is More definitely turned out to be the right decision! I don’t believe the accommodations, service and materials provided could have been any better, and certainly not to justify the major price-difference. 

Yes, admittedly, I like excel and calculations. So, I did my background check, and came up with this:

I shaved off any extras to make the prices comparable. And it turned out, that the cost of Spain is More is only 1610€/person – almost HALF THE PRICE of so many of the other agencies – That's 43% lower than the average….Amazing! 

All included: breakfast, accommodations with private bathroom, maps, guidebook, emergency support, Pilgrim's Passport.



Incl. (value)

Price / Single suppl. (€)

Shaved price / 36 night, breakfast.


Dinner (12x36=432€)

3695 / +1082 = 4742

3263 / 4345

39 (extra nights 80x3=240)

Luggagetransport (255€)

2750 / + 930 = 3680

2255 / 3185


Luggagetransport (255€)

2530 / ? (est. 1.000) = 3530

2275 / 3275

35 (+80)

Transport to SJPdP (150€) Finisterre (120€)

1800 / +620 = 2420

1610 / 2230

35 (+80)

Luggagetransport (255€) + dinners 30x12=360€

2990 / 4085

2455 / 3550