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Complete Guide to the Lighthouse Route (Camino dos Faros): Everything You Need to Know

Camino dos Faros. Answers to All Questions


The Camiño dos Faros carves a mystical route along the Costa da Muerte, connecting Malpica to Finisterre. This is more than just a path; it's an invitation to delve into an environment where every natural element and man-made structure tells a story, with the sea, in its vastness, as the eternal companion on this hiking route in Galicia.


Distance and Difficulty

  • Length: It stretches for 200 kilometers, though due to infrastructure considerations, Spain is More offers the route starting from Ponteceso, covering about 150 km.
  • Difficulty: Variations in altitude along the path bestow the route with a moderate level of difficulty, perfect for enthusiasts of hiking.


Scenic Beauty

The path of the Ruta dos Faros follows the coast, interspersed with paths that wind through the serene forests. Most of the time, the path brings you close to the sea, whether walking right at the edge of the coast or enjoying the stunning views from the top of the cliffs, showcasing the natural beauty of Galicia.

The path is a living canvas where nature and culture intertwine, with tranquil beaches, dynamic dunes, calm rivers, monumental cliffs, dense forests, and estuaries brimming with birdlife, forming the landscape. This natural wealth is complemented by cultural treasures: ancient castros, mystical dolmens, fishing villages, and viewpoints that are windows to unforgettable sunsets and the eternal embrace between the sea and the coast.


Signage and Safety

Although the route is well marked with small green arrows throughout (always pointing from Malpica to Finisterre), it's recommended to carry GPS tracks, available on Google Maps or Wikiloc, ensuring a safe experience on the Camino dos Faros

In the guide (whether digital or printed), which we will send you before the start of your trip, we will provide the links to these tracks to make it very easy for you to have them.



Proper equipment is crucial to face the changing climate and diverse terrain on this hiking route in Galicia.

Wearing appropriate footwear (hiking boots) is essential for traversing all kinds of trails, rocks, stony terrains, water, sand, etc., ensuring a safe and comfortable experience on the Camino dos Faros.



Generally, the services are good, with it being easy to find places to purchase water and food during this active tourism route in Galicia.



The climate is temperate oceanic, characteristic of the Costa da Muerte, with relatively mild and rainy winters, and cool, fairly sunny summers. However, rain can't be discounted at any time. As this is a coastal route, it's important to note that wind is frequent.



The Camiño dos Faros, as defined, is impossible to do by bike, as it goes through narrow paths full of rocks and steep slopes, making more than 50% of the route impossible for a mountain bike.

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