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Unveiling the Camino Primitivo

The Original Pilgrimage of Depth and Discovery


Among these, the Camino Primitivo, or the Original Way, stands out as an ancient and spiritually enriching path. Here we will go a bit deeper into the details of the Camino Primitivo, shedding light on its historical significance, scenic beauty, and the profound experiences it offers modern-day pilgrims.

"Going back-to-basics is not an understatement on this Camino" 


What is the Camino Primitivo?

The Camino Primitivo, also known as The Original Way, is the oldest documented pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. Its origins trace back to the 9th century when King Alfonso II of Asturias embarked on a journey to visit the newly discovered tomb of St. James. This trail commences in the captivating city of Oviedo, nestled in the heart of Asturias, and spans approximately 320 kilometres before culminating in Santiago de Compostela.



Unique Features of the Camino Primitivo

1. Scenic Beauty and Varied Terrain:  The Camino Primitivo meanders through a stunning array of landscapes in northern Spain. Pilgrims are treated to the sights of dense forests, tranquil rivers, and idyllic villages. What sets this route apart is its diverse terrain, featuring challenging ascents and descents, making it physically demanding but profoundly rewarding.

2. Historical Cities and Cultural Gems: As you Walk the Camino Primitivo, you'll encounter historic cities and cultural treasures. Oviedo, with its pre-Romanesque churches, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the starting point of your journey. Lugo, another city along the way, is famous for its remarkably well-preserved Roman walls, also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

3. Authentic Asturian Culture: Beyond the cities, the Camino Primitivo immerses pilgrims in the rich tapestry of Asturian culture. Savor traditional dishes like Fabada Asturiana, interact with friendly locals, and explore ancient churches and monasteries that form an integral part of the Camino's heritage.

4. A Quieter Pilgrimage: While the Camino Frances attracts a substantial number of pilgrims, the Camino Primitivo retains its serene and less crowded ambiance. This provides a more intimate and contemplative atmosphere, ideal for those seeking a profoundly personal pilgrimage experience.


The Spiritual Significance

Walking the Camino Primitivo is not just a physical journey; it's a profound spiritual odyssey. Along its path, pilgrims find moments for reflection, meditation, and a deep inner connection. Arriving at Santiago de Compostela and paying homage to St. James is an emotionally stirring experience, one that resonates deeply with many.

The Camino Primitivo, a hidden gem among the Camino pilgrimage routes, offers a unique blend of natural splendour, cultural immersion, physical challenge, and spiritual enrichment. Whether you seek solitude, or a transformative journey shared with fellow pilgrims, the Camino Primitivo guarantees an unforgettable experience. It will leave you with a profound sense of accomplishment, renewal, and a deep connection to the ancient traditions and spirituality of the Camino de Santiago.

So, prepare your hiking gear, secure your pilgrim's scallop shell, and embark on the Camino Primitivo to unveil the magic of this age-old path.


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