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Spain is More Camino Bikes and Equipment (MTB, E-bike, and Gravel)

The bikes that we use are of the highest standard and are intended for Camino tours.


Exploring the Camino by Bike - Equipment and Bicycles

Your fitness and training are beyond our control, except for the advice we can offer about difficulty levels and experiences. However, having the right equipment is crucial, and that's where we can greatly influence. Our cycling experts are dedicated to equipping you for a safe journey through the Camino. You'll have access to an emergency phone number and a network of bike mechanics along the way - and in extreme cases, roadside assistance.

When you book a bike tour along the Camino with Spain is More, we ensure that a state-of-the-art MTB is ready for you at your first hotel upon arrival.

We offer a variety of bike models to choose from, so you can comfortably and safely complete your bike journey in your own way.

Choose from Mountain Bikes (included in the price of all bike tours), Full-suspension* Mountain Bikes (upon request), E-bikes, Full-suspension* E-bikes (upon request), or Gravel Bikes** (upon request) (see explanations at the bottom of the page).

Just inform us of your height, and our cycling experts will make sure you get the bike size you need.

Read more about the equipment later in the blog, including the size of your bike bags - remember, you always have luggage transport included*** on our bike tours on the Camino.


Mountain Bike for the Camino (included)

Most people choose our exquisite mountain bike, which is included in all Camino cycling trips. This MTB will, for most, be the perfect choice for your Camino by bike.

Our Camino Mountain Bikes have strong tires, good hand brakes, 3 front chainrings, and 9 gears at the back, totaling 27 gears. This can be useful in the sometimes hilly terrain along the pilgrimage route. The pedals are standard bike pedals, but other types of pedals can be requested when ordering (possible extra cost).

Price estimate (example of extra charge for 7 days rental): This bike class is included in the price

See extra charges for other bike standards below. It is also possible to bring your own bike. We are happy to help with transport.

MTB - MEGAMO - Natural 30


Full-Suspension Mountain Bike for the Camino

At the bottom, you can find an explanation of 'full-suspension'. This bike is for those who desire a bit more suspension.

Price estimate (example of additional charge for 7 days rental): +100€/bike (upon request)


E-bike for the Camino

As is the case with the other bikes, it has been thoroughly tested to withstand the rigors of the Camino. The e-bike we have chosen for the Camino features a strong battery with an easy-to-use and user-friendly control system. An e-bike that will meet most people's needs.

Price estimate (example of additional charge for 7 days rental): +150€/bike.

E-BIKE - LA PIERRE - Overvolt HT 7.6


E-Bike for the Camino with 'Full-Suspension

The bike with an extra strong battery, ideal for those who want to ride very long stages, or want to ride with maximum assistance throughout the route. Very few do this, but the option is there.

Price estimate (example of additional charge for 7 days rental): +200€/bike (upon request)


Gravel Bike for the Camino

As one of the very few agencies, Spain is More offers Gravel Bikes. We have therefore purchased a range of exquisite gravel bikes for the Camino. Gravel bikes, or gravel bicycles, are for those who want to combine roads and gravel paths. Read about Gravel bikes at the bottom of the blog.

Price estimate (example of additional charge for 7 days rental): +100€/bike (upon request)


Bike Equipment on the Camino

Spain is More ensures that you have the bike equipment you need for your journey on the Camino, and of a quality that meets our requirement that the equipment must be in order.

If you have changes or specific requests, we can usually accommodate them (possible extra charge).

Two rear saddlebags. PD620 material, waterproof PS490. Quick-Lock adapter. Weight 2x 760g. Upper width 32 cm. Bottom width 23cm. Depth with closed pannier 17 cm Volume of 20 liters per pannier.

A front pannier*. Scotchlite front reflector on the front side. Withstands up to a max. of 5 kg. Interior compartment for valuables with zip closure and carabiner for keys. Height 21 cm Width 24 cm. Depth 13 cm. Weight 570g. PD620 material, waterproof PS490. Volume of 8.5 liters capacity.

Multitool. Flat and star screwdriver. Allen keys 2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8. Torx T25 screwdriver. Chainbreaker. Material Steel. Weight: 160g. Measurement: 7 cm.

*Handlebar bag is not included on electric bikes!

Air pump. Type: Mini pump. Type of compatible valves: French valve (SV), Auto valve (AV) Maximum pressure: 7 Bar. Weight: 88 g. Length: 165mm.


Security lock.



Thumb Rule for Bike Sizes

S/15 (if your height is 155 - 165cm).

M/17 (165 - 175 cm)

L/19 (175 - 185 cm)

XL/21 (185 - 195 cm)

XXL/23 (>195)

Tire size: 29 inches.

Insurance and Coverage

Basic insurance included in the price

  • Civil Liability (bike user) with a coverage limit of up to €100,000
  • Emergency medical expenses up to €1,500
  • Assistance to cover the expenses of returning the bike to the facilities in case of an accident

On request you can contract an "All Risk" insurance that extends the coverage of the basic insurance (€6 per day per bike).

  • Damage to the bicycle in the event of a fall
  • Theft, as long as the bicycle was immobilized with some security element: chain, padlock...
  • Extension of Civil Liability up to €200,000
  • Legal defense up to €1,500


Check out our Camino bike tours here!


* The term 'full-suspension' means that both the front and rear wheels of the bike have suspension systems. This is in contrast to a 'hardtail' mountain bike, which only has front suspension. A full-suspension mountain bike provides better control and comfort on uneven and technical terrains, as both the front and rear wheel suspensions help absorb shocks and keep the wheels in contact with the ground.

** A gravel bike, also known as a gravel racer in Danish, is a type of bicycle designed to be versatile and capable of handling a wide range of terrains. It combines elements from road bikes and mountain bikes, making it ideal for both paved roads and gravel paths. Some key features of a gravel bike include:

Frame Geometry: Gravel bikes often have a more relaxed geometry than road bikes, offering a more comfortable riding position and better stability on uneven surfaces.

Tires: They are equipped with wider tires than road bikes, providing better grip and comfort on gravel and other soft surfaces.

Durability and Versatility: Gravel bikes are built robustly to handle various types of terrain. They often also have mounting points for racks and fenders, making them popular for bikepacking and long-distance adventures.

Brakes: Most gravel bikes use disc brakes for better braking performance, especially in wet or muddy conditions.

Overall, gravel bikes are designed to be flexible and durable, making them a popular choice for cyclists who want to explore a wide range of routes, from paved roads to forest trails and gravel paths.

*** It must be stated in the accepted offer to be included in the trip. All prices are starting prices and the number of bikes is limited.