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5 reasons to walk the Camino Lebaniego.

Do you know the pilgrimage route 'Camino Lebaniego' that goes from the Bay of Biscay to the national park Picos de Europa in Cantabria? Not? Then this article is for you - we also give you 5 reasons why you should go check it out before everyone else does.


Beautiful nature

Camino Lebaniego is perhaps the most beautiful of all Camino's - on this route the environment changes over a relatively short distance. The starting point is at the beautiful sandy beaches of the Northern Coast, then you walk along rivers with small waterfalls, over green hills to the dramatic mountains. Click here to read more about the nature.

More than a regular camino walk

Libanan i Fuente Dé, Norra Spanien.Camino Lebaniego is perfect for anyone who wants to walk the Camino, but at the same time wants to experience something more. During our trip you will walk along this beautiful pilgrim path and experience the mountains of Picos de Europa. Along the way you can do many fun activities that can not be found on other Camino routes. Enjoy picturesque towns such as Lebeña, Potes, Mogrovejo, etc. And stay several nights in lively cities such as Bilbao / Santander, where you can visit the Guggenheim Museum and enjoy beautiful sandy beaches.

An undiscovered and hidden camino

Camino Lebaniego i Norra Spanien.

While the Camino Frances (the French route) for men has become increasingly popular, especially during the summer months, the Camino Lebaniego remains largely unexplored. Here, you can walk a whole day without encountering a single pilgrim! The only sounds heard are birdsong and occasionally a "Muuu" from the cows.



Flexible and varied route with a short travel period

Camino i Kantabrien, Norra Spanien.

Many people do not have time for a longer vacation, and the Camino Lebaniego is perfect for those who have 1 week available. The Camino Lebaniego takes 6 hiking days, and then you can enjoy two more days of wonderful experiences in Picos de Europa. Additionally, it's easy to add a few extra nights in Potes, Bilbao, or Santander. Perfect for anyone who only has a week available for his or her Camino.


Usædvanligt god mad



Exceptionally good food

It's no secret that Cantabrian dishes are among the best in Spain. Along the Camino Lebaniego route, there are several restaurants/bars where you can enjoy local delicacies. Click here to read more about the dishes you shouldn't miss.

Experience the Camino Lebaniego before everyone else does.

Click here to read more about our Camino Lebaniego tour. Fill out this contact form, and we will return with an offer tailored to your preferences. ¡Buen Camino Lebaniego!