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The Spiritual Portuguese Way

A Route for Reflection and Renewal


The Spiritual Portuguese Way is a hidden gem among Europe's most famous pilgrimage routes. Often overshadowed by its counterpart, the Portuguese Way, this variant offers a unique experience that combines deep spirituality with the scenic beauty of Portugal and Spain. In this article, we will explore this lesser-known yet equally impactful route, highlighting its spiritual significance and why you should consider embarking on this transformative journey.

The Spiritual Portuguese Way is an introspective journey that provides you with the opportunity to explore your inner self as you progress toward your destination. As you traverse peaceful rural roads and ancient forests, you will find the peace and quiet necessary for reflection and spiritual renewal. The serenity of nature and the simplicity of life on the trail will help you disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and connect with yourself in a unique way.

Organized in three stages, it starts in Pontevedra and ends in Pontecesures, where it joins the last stage of the Portuguese Way. The peculiarity of this Variant lies in the fact that the first two stages are carried out on foot; while the last stage is carried out on board from Vilanova de Arousa to Pontecesures. Along the way, you can see the only fluvial way of the cross in the world, a collection of 17 crosses that mark the route of the Apostle.

  • First stage: Pontevedra - Armenteira (23,2 km)
  • Second stage: Armenteira - Vilanova de Arousa (22,7 km)
  • Third stage: Vilanova de Arousa - Pontecesures (27,7 km) Traslatio 

Throughout this Way, you will discover iconic places that tell stories of faith and spirituality. From historic churches to monasteries and hermitages, each stop on the path offers a chance to deepen your spiritual journey and learn about the rich religious heritage of the region.

One of the most enriching experiences on any pilgrimage route is encountering fellow travelers. On the Spiritual Portuguese Way, you will share stories and reflections with pilgrims from around the world who are seeking answers to similar spiritual questions. These encounters can inspire you and enrich your journey in ways you may never have imagined.

Before embarking on this journey, it is essential to prepare physically and mentally. Ensure you have the right equipment, but also keep an open mind and be ready to embrace the spiritual experience that awaits.

The Spiritual Portuguese Way offers a unique opportunity to delve deeper into your spirituality while immersing yourself in the beauty of Portugal and Spain, specifically Galicia. If you are seeking a pilgrimage experience that goes beyond the physical and connects you with your inner self, this variant of the Portuguese Way is an inspiring choice.

Get ready for this journey that will transform both your spirit and your perspective on life.

Buen Camino!