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Portuguese Coastal Camino de Santiago. Answers to all your questions

Discover everything you need to know about the terrain, climate, available services, distance, difficulty level, and other essential information to make your journey a success.


Explore the Portuguese Coastal Camino de Santiago for an unforgettable journey. This scenic route combines breathtaking coastal views with cultural richness. Discover more about this unique pilgrimage experience and plan your adventure today.


Section Oporto - Redondela along the coast


Distance and Difficulty

This segment of the Camino de Santiago covers approximately 185 km and is characterized by a moderate difficulty level, rated at 2 out of 5. The initial part of the trail follows the Douro River to the Atlantic coast. Here, you won't encounter significant elevations, but the weather can be unpredictable, and headwinds may pose a challenge. Nevertheless, at times, the path ventures inland, offering a different landscape sheltered from the Atlantic breeze.

Once you cross the border and the Miño River, you'll enter a completely different landscape. The Galician coastline becomes rugged, with rocks and smaller beaches.

The views along this part of the journey, both of the beach and the mountains, are breathtaking. Much of this route passes through wooden paths until it reaches the Spanish border.

This trail continues along the coast to the port of Vigo and then heads inland, where it merges with the conventional Portuguese Camino in Redondela.


Scenic Beauty

The Portuguese Camino de Santiago section from Porto to Redondela along the coast is a visually captivating journey. Starting in Porto, you follow the Atlantic coast, enjoying picturesque beaches, rugged cliffs, and rocky formations plunging into the sea. As you progress, the landscapes change, taking you through forests and wooden paths that offer respite from the sea breeze. Crossing the border into Spain leads you to Galician mountains with panoramic views of the coast and the interior. Each day of walking in this section offers a visually rewarding and diverse experience.



From Porto to Redondela along the Coast, services on this route are generally good, although there are a couple of stages where the distance between urban centers can be a bit long. However, this is not significant and should not be a problem if you plan your trip properly.



From Porto to Redondela along the Coast, the weather on this section of the Camino de Santiago can be variable. Proximity to the Atlantic Ocean means that weather conditions can change rapidly, and it's essential to be prepared for occasional rain and changing weather conditions. Additionally, headwinds can be a factor to consider in some sections of the trail. Nonetheless, the views along the Atlantic coast and the unique experience offered by this section make it worthwhile to face these weather challenges.


Planning and Stage Division

From Porto to Redondela along the Coast, for a more detailed description of this trail and each of its stages, we recommend checking the "Detailed Itinerary" section. Here, you'll find specific information about each segment, maps, and tips that will help you plan and customize your pilgrimage along the Atlantic coast on the Camino de Santiago.


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Section Redondela - Santiago


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