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All cycling paths leads to Santiago de Compostela

Cycling Holidays along ancient pilgrims’ paths, historical monuments and picturesque vineyards


Cycling Holidays along ancient pilgrims’ paths, historical monuments and picturesque vineyards.

Have you ever wondered how a cycling holiday in Northern Spain and Portugal would be like? We have selected some examples to inspire and lead you on the right track in the search for your perfect cycling holiday experience.

Obviously, there are many places for cycling in Spain, road cycling, mountain biking or just a more relaxed cycling holiday, where you get the possibility to try some of the Northern region’s exclusive variety of gastronomical offers, while pedaling your way through the beautiful landscapes. In the following you can get inspired and have some ideas of cycling holidays in the Northern Peninsula and especially on the French Camino de Santiago. In the following we like to tempt and inspire you to try out the ancient paths starting off from the city of Leon and leading you to Santiago de Compostela.


The old city of Leon was founded in the 29 BC, as a military encampment and later one of the most prominent sites in the establishment of the Spanish Kingdom. From here the first kings ruled, fighting their way down the Peninsula in their efforts to conquer the land from the Moors. In the year 1188 Leon hosted the first Parliament gathering in European history and is today considered the cradle of Parliamentarism. During the medieval times of wars, pilgrimages and conflicts on the Iberian Peninsula, Leon always had an important place in history as one of the most important places for the Christian Communities.

What better place to start out on you cycling holidays than, from the impressive Gothic Cathedral

in Leon’s City center? Starting off from the old city Centre the route takes you to the Leonese highland. Later you will be climbing up to the highest point on the French Camino, The Iron Cross at 1504m. From here you will be riding through beautiful valleys until you come to the famed incline of La Faba. Once arriving to the restored Galician village of O Cebreiro, you have also entered Galicia. After this amazingly beautiful, and maybe, challenging climb to the top, a long and spectacular decline is awaiting you. In the Galician backcountry the route now goes up and down in a mix of woodland and ancient pilgrims’ paths. This part is indeed beautiful and an absolutely joy to be passing on your bicycle.

On your pilgrimages through the Spanish landscape we strongly recommend you get off your bike, take a rest at an authentic Spanish restaurant and try some of the gastronomical specialties so generously spread out in these regions of Spain. Check out these 3 easy steps to specialties from the Galician cuisine:

The Spain is More bikes are always delivered to your start hotel with:

  1. Waterproof Ortlieb Panniers
  2. Waterproof Ortlieb handlebar bag for camera and private items
  3. Helmet (rental/optional) You can also buy your own to be delivered with the bike.
  4. Clipless Shimano pedals (optional)
  5. Tube and tools for repairs

How to prepare your bike:

All you need is to unpack the bike and adjust the handlebar with the tool included – the pedals are mounted. It cannot be any easier!

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