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Holidays in Castille & León

Castilla y León: Spain´s heart

Castille & León: The essence of Spain

This autonomous community comprises nine provinces and is the most extensive in the Iberian Peninsula.

This enclave on the Northern Submeseta with main peaks of the Sistema Ibérico, to the East, the Cordillera Central, to the South and the Cordillera Cantábrica, to the North. It is separated from Portugal on the east by the river Duero.

It has a continental climate due to the mountainous belt surrounding the community.

This community was created in 1983 by the union of two historical regions (León & Castilla la Vieja, which were divided into Santander & Logroño). Thanks to the efforts of these two kingdoms during Medieval Times and the Reconquest we can admire cathedrals, convents, monasteries, castles and walled cities preserved in perfect condition which provide a unique experience, immersing travellers in bygone ages. Castilla y León also provides us with a landscape rich in Nature Parks and practically virgin nature spots.

Regarding its gastronomy, we find select meats such as suckling veal or lamb, meats mostly used in local cooking, as well as pulses like El Barco de Ávila beans. All this without forgetting the famous traditional desserts from each different province.

This is wine country and here we have several Denominations of Origin such as Ribera del Duero, Toro and El Bierzo.

Semana Santa in Castilla y León is one of the most attractive popular cultural gatherings for tourists. The roots, antiquity and sensations of these religious gatherings has resulted in many of the Semana Santas in Castilla y León being declared as Celebrations of National and International Tourist Interest.

Given its geography, all types of sports such as hiking, canoeing and rafting can be enjoyed.

León: Land of Kings

From a physical point of view, the landscape of León is quite varied given that is includes very different types of areas: such as the dry pains of Tierras de León, the redness of El Bierzo and incredibly beautiful green mountains.

The bimillennial and cosy town of León stands out for its small size, although it has a large number of monuments to visit. Here we can find some examples of Spain's most beautiful architecture, starting with its incredible Gothic Cathedral, the Renaissance Hostel of San Marcos and the Royal Collegiate and Pantheon of San Isidoro. The most modern architecture is heralded by Gaudí.

The climate of León stands out for its great temperature range from summer to winter and also, day to night. Winters here are long a cold, the Spring and Autumn are very short lived and Summer has moderate temperatures.

León has one of the oldest and most beautiful neighbourhoods in the whole of Spain, 'El Barrio Húmedo'. In this area we will find a great number of bars where we can have a glass of wine, 'ir de cortos' (have small glasses of beer) or have a drink at night time.

The gastronomy of León is quite varied, complete and consistent. We certainly must mention its meat, cured meats and pulses due to its climate. It is also wine country, including two important areas: the wine area of 'Tierras de León' -which little by little are making a name for themselves in the immense world of Spanish wine producing-, and the popular Bierzo wines.

Experience León with 'Spain is More':

  • The amazing capital with its beautiful monuments and 'tapas' areas

  • The most well known and beautiful part of the Peaks of Europe

  • Small villages where time stands still

  • Its fantastic local cooking

  • 'El Vino' Discover some wine producing areas with great future projection

Zamora: The Roman City

It is an exceptionally well preserved medieval city. Its magnificent Cathedral and numerous Roman churches of great historical-artistic importance surprise visitors. Another one of its attractions is the beautiful landscape of the Sanabria Lake, the largest in Spain and the only of glacier origin.

In relation to its gastronomy, Zamoran cooking comes from León cooking, although it has influences from Galician and Austurian cooking. It is characterized by the austerity of ingredients and the abundance of meat. The dishes tend to have a strong traditional character of humble origin combined with shepherd and farming cooking styles.

Experience Zamora with 'Spain is more':

  • The capital with its countless number of Roman churches

  • Enjoy the processions of Semana Santa, the oldest in Spain

  • Get to know one of the most important wine producing areas in Spain

  • Practice water sports or enjoy the beaches along the Sanabria lake

Salamanca: The University City

It is of great historical importance due to its legendary University which is one of the oldest in Europe. Salamanca is a place with extraordinary beauty and great cultural inheritance.

This city also has important architectural patrimony, including its two cathedrals (Old and New), the 'Casa de las Conchas' (House of Shells), 'Plaza Mayor' (Central Square), 'Convento de San Esteban' (Convent of St. Stephen) and 'Escuelas Mayores' (University Buildings).

Salamanca has a continental Mediterranean climate with cold dry winters and hot summers. Cooking in Salamanca is essentially meat based. The fields of the province of Salamanca produce chestnuts and acorns which feed a livestock of pigs capable of providing abundant pork-butchery products. We must mention the cured ham from Guijuelo, the most famous Domination of Origin in the province, as well as famous local dishes such as 'hornazo' (a pie filled with egg, pork loin, chorizo sausage and ham) and 'sopa de ajo' garlic soup. He leído hasta aquí. (I have read as far as here.)

Experience Salamanca with 'Spain is more':

  • Discover the university atmosphere of the city of Salamanca, with its old traditions

  • Visit its important buildings and monuments

  • Come and see 'Arribes del Duero', 'Sierra de Francia', 'Cuidad Rodrigo', etc.

  • With 'Spain is More' visit a pig farm and a factory where the famous cured ham of Guijuelo is made.

  • And much, much more…

Palencia: Suckling meat with Denomination of Origin

Palencia, like the majority of Spanish cities has great historical-artistic patrimony and is the province with the greatest concentration of Roman art in the world. Regarding monuments its Cathedral and important archaeological museum stand out.

Palencia's climate is characterized by its large temperature differences, its temperatures are low and it is one of the coldest capitals in Spain.

Palentian cooking is very Spanish and homely and its most excellent meat is suckling meat (roasted suckling lamb is its most typical dish), so much so that it possesses Denomination of Origin.

Experience Palencia with 'Spain is more':

  • Visit the Cathedral

  • Try the roasted suckling lamb, the most typical Palentian dish which has achieved Denomination of Origin

  • Visit Aguilar de Campoo

  • Visit an authentic Roman villa in the region of Vega-Valdavia.

  • And much, much more…

Valladolid: The great taste of a glass of wine

It is a province filled with castles and strongholds. Its capital invites us to enjoy important historical-artistic patrimony and one of the most important sculpture museums in Spain. Valladolid is particularly famous for its Semana Santa processions.

The province holds 5 wine producing Denomination of Origins, including D.O. Ribera de Duero and la D.O. Rueda which uses the verdejo grape variety. Regarding its gastronomy, of the entire community it has the most Spanish traits in its cooking and its star dish is Spanish roast.

Experience Valladolid with 'Spain is more':

  • Visit the National Sculpture Museum

  • La Plaza Mayor, an exemplary square for everyone.

  • Ribera de Duero and Rueda Cellars, with the best of wines.

  • Experience Semana Santa just like one of the local neighbours

  • And much, much more…

Ávila: Roman World Heritage City

It is a beautiful and enchanting city, completely surrounded by medieval walls in an impressive state of preservation.

Its historical medieval neighbourhood, also excellently preserved, is a national Artistic-Historical Set since 1884 and is included on the Unesco World Heritage List since 1985.

The gastronomy of Ávila is strong, tasty and natural. Among its most emblematic dishes we find 'Patatas revolconas' (a potato dish with bacon, paprika, peppers and onions), stewed Barco de Ávila beans, 'huevos rotos' (fried eggs with ham on a bed of potatoes), 'pepitoria de gallina' (chicken stew with almonds, saffron and yolk) and the famous 'Yemas de Ávila' also known as 'Yemas de Santa Teresa' (a sweet made with egg yolk and sugar).

An interesting thing about Ávila is the great number of hotelier establishments it has in relation to its number of inhabitants.

Experience Ávila with 'Spain is more':

  • Discover it's Cathedral and numerous churches and convents

  • Stroll around its medieval wall

  • Visit its enchanting villages

  • Hiking in Sierra de Ávila

  • And much, much more…

Burgos: An important stop on the Camino de Santiago trail

This is one of Spain's highest provinces. This affects its climate, which tends to be cold and a little humid and characterized by long hard winters.

This capital is a monumental city that is really worth a visit. Its famous cathedral is considered one of the most important monuments of Spanish Gothic architecture. It is also a World Heritage City.

The province of Burgos plays a main role on the Camino de Santiago trail within the Spanish Peninsula. Its strategic geographical location makes it a mandatory step for millions of European pilgrims who, from their country of origin, travel in search of the tomb of the Apostle Santiago.

Due to its massive territory, its gastronomy is extremely varied. Although without doubt, the most characteristic dish of the province is the 'morcilla de Burgos', a sausage mainly filled with onion, blood, butter, rice and paprika. Another very typical product is Burgos cheese, which is a type of fresh cheese. There is great wine producing tradition in this province and many wines with Denomination of Origin such as Ribera de Duero and Arlanza.

Experience Burgos with 'Spain is more':

  • Camino de Santiago, Cathedral, Monasteries, etc

  • Discover this old Spanish capital

  • Abundant, varied and quality gastronomy: Nobody ever leaves Burgos hungry!

  • Atapuerca and the Human Evolution Museum: the dream of Darwin

  • And much, much more…

Segovia: The City of the Aqueduct

It is an incredible city, with its colossal Roman Aqueduct dominating the city, its extraordinary 'Alcázar' (fortress) and its important Gothic Cathedral.

Segovian cooking stands out mainly for its roasts, both suckling lamb and suckling pig.

In relation to drinks, the province of Segovia includes the towns to which the two Denominations of Origin belong: Rueda de Duero and Ribera de Duero, as well as the native Valdetiendas wine.

Experience Segovia with 'Spain is more':

  • Discover the Roman aqueduct in the centre of the city

  • The best roast suckling pig in Spain

  • And much, much more…

Soria: City of Writers

Located on the right of the Duero river and dominated by high hills, it is a treasure-trove of important jewels of religious Roman architecture. In its outskirts we can find the mysterious 'Laguna Negra' (black lagoon) of Urbión, surrounded by an impressive stone wall and beautiful pine forests. It is told that its deep dark waters are connected to an underwater sea branch from which come its capricious waves.

Diverse writers and poets lived in Soria, a province which had an important influence on their work. Two of the most important are Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer and Antonio Machado. We can follow the diverse routes that were described by these writers, discovering and reliving some parts of their works.

Its most famous gastronomic products are: the 'Yemas de Almazán' (a sweet made with egg yolk and sugar) and Soria butter which has Denomination of Origin. We must also mention 'migas pastoriles' (fried breadcrumbs), 'la caldereta' (casserole), torreznos (fried rashers of bacon) and El Burgo de Osma beans.

Experience Soria with 'Spain is more':

  • Get to know Soria while reliving some of the most famous legends of Bécquer

  • Follow the 'Cantar del Mío Cid' route

  • Loose yourself in the works of Antonio Machado in the Alvargonzález route

  • Soria is a land of shepherds, discover its traditional gastronomy

  • And much, much more…

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