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Who walks The Camino de Santiago

Some statistics for The Camino de Santiago (2021):


Who will follow the pilgrimage route - Camino de Santiago in 2021?

Nearly 200,000 persons in the holy year of  Xacobeo

Of these in 2021 were:

50.38% Male

49.62% Female

Average Age Pilgrims:

30-60 Years 58%

Under 30             26%

Older than 60              16%

Does the Camino:

93%  on foot

6% on the bike.

1% other (horse, wheelchair)

They come from:

Spain 68%

Portugal 5%

Italy 4%

USA 3%

France 2%

Netherlands 1% 

Other countries together 17%

In total, about 120 countries are represented.

They follow the which caminos:

Camino Frances                    55%

Camino Portugués                19%

Camino Primitivo                     6%

Camino Ingles                         6%

Camino Del Norte                   5%

Camino Costa Portugués       4%

Via de la Plata/other           5%

Sarria remains the most popular place to start, 31% of all pilgrims start their Camino here, the last 100km on the Camino Frances.

Do you also want to be part of these percentages in 2023? Then choose your camino here!

SOURCE: Statistics | Pilgrim's welcome office (