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Holidays in La Rioja

La Rioja: Land of wine

La Rioja: Bodegas and cultural heritage

La Rioja is the smallest region in mainland in Spain but its one of the most important wine growing areas in Europe.

La Rioja is a small province but it is very rich in natural resources, it has an important historical heritage and there are endless possibilities for visitors.

To most people, La Rioja means wine. Wines have grown in the fertile valley of the Ebro River since Roman times and the region has many excellent wine shops and wineries (“bodegas”) that welcome visitors. But this region means much more than “bodegas”. La Rioja is the perfect destination for outdoor activities lovers. It offers everything from horseriding to paragliding, mountain-biking, fishing, hunting…etc and for those visitors with a thirst for something cultural, La Rioja has some glorious monasteries like the impressive “Monasterio de Yuso” and “Monasterio de Suso”.

Extending along the Ebro River, the region is practically split into two: Rioja Alta which has a great deal of rainfall and a mild climate, and Rioja Baja which is a warmer and more arid area.

The Ebro River is the longest river in Spain. Its waters have made the surrounding valleys perfect for the cultivation of vegetables. Fresh local products range from artichokes to aubergines, tomatoes, leeks, chard, celery, borage and peas. The region's sweet red peppers (“pimientos del piquillo”) are particularly popular.

La Rioja counts with some festivals of interests for the tourists like “La Vendimia”, which is held in Logroño and is a display of grape treading, floats and wine tasting. “La Batalla del Vino” in Haro represents an authentic battle with the 'blood of the earth' used as the only weapon, dousing the participants in a shower of wine.

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Our trips through La Rioja

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Self-drive holiday along the Camino de Santiago

From Bilbao to Santiago de Compostela along the Saint James Way. Includes car, hotels and English guidebook.

From 855 €/pers. Per person in a double room

Self-drive holiday along the Camino de Santiago

Camino Francés (St-Jean-Pied-de-Port - Logroño)

(Stage 1-7): 9 days, 161 km's pilgrimage (100 miles). Across the Pyrenees to Rioja's vineyards.

From 750 €/pers. Per person in a double room.

Camino Francés (St-Jean-Pied-de-Port - Logroño)

Camino Francés (Logroño-Burgos)

(Stage 8-12): 7 days, 124 km's pilgrimage (77 miles). Through Rioja's vineyards to the Cathedral of Burgos.

From 450 €/pers. Per person in a double room.

Camino Francés (Logroño-Burgos)

Camino Francés (Pamplona - Burgos)

(Stage 4-12): 11 days, 219 km's pilgrimage (136 miles). Through vineyards, historical kingdoms and impressive cathedrals.

From 785 €/pers. Per person in a double room.

Camino Francés (Pamplona - Burgos)

Camino Francés (Logroño - León)

(Stage 8-20): 14 days, 319 km's pilgrimage (198 miles) among Spain's most impressive Cathedrals.

From 795 €/pers. Per person in a double room.

Camino Francés (Logroño - León)

Camino Francés FULL WALK (St-Jean-Pied-de-Port - Santiago)

(Stage 1-33): 35 days, 789 km's pilgrimage (489 miles). Complete the Camino in one trip.

From 2.250 €/pers. Per person in a double room.

Camino Francés FULL WALK (St-Jean-Pied-de-Port - Santiago)

Along the Camino on Bicycle (Pamplona-Santiago)

(Bike stages: 1-13): 16 days, 701 kms. A historic bike tour from Pamplona to Santiago.

From 1.490 €/pers. Per person in a double room.

Along the Camino on Bicycle (Pamplona-Santiago)

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Northern Spain offers world-class experiences within nature, culture, gastronomy and traditions.

Why Northern Spain?

Northern Spain conceals countless secrets waiting to be discovered, tasted, seen and tried.

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