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My Holiday

The magic of the Camino de Santiago

Fecha: 2020-01-09

Highlights of my first year at Spain is More

I have been working at Spain is More for over a year now. In that year I helped hundreds of pilgrims on their way with their pilgrimage. Mainly from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, but also from other nationalities. In that year I saw and learned a lot. Different pilgrims, of all ages, different caminos, a diversity of questions, wishes and needs. And to inspire you I would like to share some highlights with you.

Special pilgrims
First of all the stories of the pilgrims that I have talked to or met in León. Like Ed from the Netherlands who walked the camino Portugues with his son-in-law from Venezuela. They hardly spoke each other's language, but shared ´joy and sorrow´ for 2 weeks and arrived together in Santiago. Or Verner, from Denmark, who unfortunately had to cancel his camino due to a heart attack. And, 6 months later, could walk with his wife the camino Frances. How beautiful to see how he enjoyed it. Then the pilgrims who spontaneously or planned to visit our office or with whom, while enjoying wine and tapas, I shared the stories about the camino, all of them special meetings with special people.


¨Special meetings with special people¨


New 'coaching on the camino'
In September 2019, 8 women gathered in Villafranca del Bierzo. The starting point of their camino to Santiago. Together with coach Inge Compen, we developed this 'coaching camino'. A combination of walking the camino and coaching along the way. I was there at the kick-off in Villafranca del Bierzo and there was a serene, but also tense atmosphere. Tense of course. 200 kilometers to walk to Santiago, with a group of women that you don't know at all until that day. Understandable, right? Serene, because Inge has the unique ability to immediately get everyone into a certain 'mood'. I will never forget the energy I felt that morning at the breakfast when 8 women held each other's hands and encouraged each other. Also this year we are on the camino again with Inge. We chose another part from the camino Frances, from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Logroño. 

Friends on the camino Frances
5 friends, 1 camino. The camino Francés. In 2017 they started in Santa Domingo de la Calzada. 5 days walking. They stopped at Fromista. In 2018, in another 5 days, they walked from Fromista to León. And last year from León to Herrerias. Meanwhile, there are still 4 friends left (one unfortunately had to drop out due to a permanent injury) and this year they are walking together from Herrerias to Palas de Rei. Santiago de Compostela is getting closer! They are expected to arrive there in 2021. What a beautiful moment that will be!


¨5 friends. 1 camino¨


The camino Frances is of course beautiful to do in one camino. Certainly true! You only need time and be physically fit. But how beautiful it is when, after 5 years, you finally arrive in Santiago de Compostela with your friends. You can, of course, split stages, on more pilgrim routes. For example on the camino del Norte. The camino Portugues too. The camino Primitivo is a bit trickier, there are fewer locations on this camino. You can always contact me to talk about the possibilities.

In 2018 I walked from Vezelay to Santiago de Compostela, Finisterre and Muxia. Of course I use this more than 2000 kilometers of experience on the camino Frances and camino Finisterre a lot in my work. When is the best time to go? What do I bring? How many kilometers can I walk per day? How is the camino by bike? And many more questions from pilgrims who are about to start their pilgrimage and want to walk or cycle to Santiago de Compostela. In #Caminovitamins I now make a vlog every month in which we answer a pilgrim's question. All episodes can be found here. Do you also have a question? Send it to We are happy to answer it for you.

Camino dos Faros
We also launched a new camino: Camino dos Faros. A route that runs along all the lighthouses and the most important sights in the Costa da Morte. A pilgrimage that takes you as a pilgrim to a world full of unique sensations. It is a pure camino and still relatively undiscovered. Suitable for those pilgrims who are not afraid of a physical challenge and want to enjoy absolute peace. If you want to know more about this walking route, click here.

In the meantime, the new year has already started and we are getting ready for 2021. A Holy Year in Santiago de Compostela. Always a special year. We give you 5 tips to get ready for this special year.

Maybe you already planned to walk or bike a pilgrim route this year, maybe you are still doubting and need a final push, you can always call or email us. We are happy to help you further.

I wish all pilgrims who go to the camino in 2020 ´magic´and a 'buen camino' and you are always welcome to visit us in León!

Annemiek Nefkens
Happy Holiday Manager and camino expert



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