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Camino (St. James way) for Kids

(Laredo - Llanes)

Map Camino (St. James way) for Kids (Laredo - Llanes)

Family Adventure on the Northern Way (Camino del Norte)

Are you looking for unforgettable family vacations filled with adventure, culture, and fun? Spain is More offers the ideal package on the Northern Way (Camino del Norte) for families to enjoy the Camino de Santiago together. This journey through Northern Spain, from Laredo (Cantabria) to Llanes (Asturias), covers 127 km, tailored to 91 walkable km in short stages, perfect for all ages.

Experience 10 magical days with your loved ones, exploring spectacular coastlines, enjoying unique activities, safe beaches, and exceptional hotels. Immerse yourself in the rich gastronomy of the North and discover everything from coastal cities and the Cabarceno Park to prehistoric caves, with the option to customize your adventure and create memorable moments.

We handle luggage transfer, ensuring your comfort.

This journey on the Camino de Santiago, the result of our experience and customer feedback, promises a perfect balance between effort and enjoyment. With Spain is More, prepare for a safe, personalized, and exceptional experience that will meet your family's expectations.

Click on "Request Offer!" (on the right column) and receive a personalized offer without obligation for your trip.

We believe in creating memories that will last a lifetime, and our vacation package on the Northern Way is designed to do just that, adapting to the perfect distance to ensure a full and accessible experience for everyone.


What Spain is More offers:

✔ Daily departures from mid-March to late October.

Carefully selected hotels, always with a private bathroom.

✔ A personalized digital guide from Spain is More with practical information about the route as well as recommendations.


Don't miss out...

For some of these activities, you will need to add an extra night. Don't forget to ask us when you request a quote from us.

Santander: With its beautiful bay and beaches, Santander is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the maritime landscape.

Cabarceno Nature Park: Near Santander, this park is not a traditional zoo but a vast space where animals live in semi-freedom.

Spectacular Beaches: Both Laredo and the beaches near Llanes are perfect for rest days and sand play.

Bufones de Pría: Near Llanes, this natural phenomenon where the sea forcefully hits the limestone rock, creating spectacular water jets in the air, is something unique to observe (weather-dependent). It's an exciting stop and a great way to teach kids about geology in a fun way.

Llanes: This charming coastal town offers a relaxed atmosphere, picturesque streets, and a beautiful coastline. It is ideal for family strolls, enjoying a meal at a local restaurant, and relaxing on one of its many beaches.


Click here to explore the Camino del Norte

Find key insights on distances, terrain, climate, and vital tips.


It includes
  1. 9 nights in cozy and authentic hotels (some hotels have a swimming pool).
  2. 9 x breakfast.
  3. Luggage transport (on the walking days)
  4. Spain is Mores digital travel guide with maps, suggestions for restaurants, and travel schedules for the train and bus.
  5. 24/7 emergency telephone number.
  6. Taxes.
Not included
  1. Train tickets for local trains. (schedules are included in the guide). These tickets cannot be purchased in advance. Price €8/person. (around)


  1. Customize your trip: You can extend your stay by booking an extra night in Bilbao to visit the Guggenheim Museum, in Llanes to enjoy a surf lesson, or in Madrid to discover the exciting capital of Spain. 
  2. Printed guide. If you prefer a printed guide, it can be purchased for €30 per copy. (You can add it when you book the trip) 
  3. Transportation to the starting point of the trip from anywhere in Spain. 
  4. Cancellation insurance: available during the trip confirmation process. (You can add it when you book the trip).

Camino (St. James way) for Kids

(Laredo - Llanes)

980 EUR /pers.
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Single room supplement: 220 EUR

Daily program

Camino (St. James way) for Kids
(Laredo - Llanes)

Detailed itinerary (view all days )
Day 1: Arrival to Laredo

With this Camino trip along the Camino del Norte, you will come along one of the most beautiful coastlines of Spain. Laredo is the ideal starting point for this family trip along the Spanish North Coast, also known as 'the green coast'.

Laredo is known for its 4 km long white and child-friendly beach. It is a typical northern Spanish resort with a number of good restaurants, a small old town and a port. In short, a nice start, beautiful city, great beach. If you like seafood, the next day of hiking is a pure gastronomic journey.

You travel to Laredo by bus from Bilbao (included in the price p.p.). The bus ride takes 40 minutes.

Day 2: Walk along the 4 most beautiful beaches (10 or 14 km)

If "4 of the most beautiful beaches in Northern Spain" or "8 km walking with your feet in the water" sounds good, then read on, because this is exactly what you can expect during today's walking stage. First you walk to the end of the famous beach of Laredo where you will take a ferry in the direction of Santoña, this takes about 10 minutes (not included - price 3 € / person - timetable in our guidebook).

If you want to make a shorter trip (10km) you can take the ferry directly from the port of Laredo instead of walking on the beach. But it is also possible to walk a longer distance today. Arriving in the bay of Santoña you can make a detour of about 5 km to "El Faro del Caballo". The lighthouse is at a spectacular location along the rocky coast.

After Santoña, the journey continues to the next beach, Playa de Berria, which was voted the most beautiful beach in Spain a few years ago. After some time on the beach, you arrive in Noja, this is a wonderful summer resort with delicious food and fantastic beaches. Here you will stay in a hotel close to one of the best beaches in northern Spain, which is also popular for bodysurfing. You can try bodysurf yourself, as long as you book in advance (give us a call if this is desired) or you can stay an extra day in Noja.

Day 3: Walk through the idyllic countryside (13 km)

Today your journey will bring you close to the fields and forests. But, that doesn’t make the trip less interesting. Here you are close to the locals who will greet you. If it is fruit season, you can pick apples and pears. Often your only company along the way are the cows and the horses on the field.

You'll spend the night in a beautiful authentically rural environment.

Day 4: Hidden beaches (12 km)

Today the route goes back to the coast and the wonderful beaches. The first two stops of today's stage are picturesque 'photo-moment' beaches. When the weather is nice, make sure you arrive before the Spaniards arrive (they usually arrive around noon) and enjoy a few hours between the rocks. Today it takes a bit longer to go to the next beach, but you can take pictures of the beach with its beautiful cliffs, regardless of the weather.

From here you go to the coastal town of Somo. This is a mecca for beach and surf lovers. In the summer the city has a lot of ambience and the long beach invites you to walk, enjoy and, of course, surf. In Somo you are greeted by the summer atmosphere; authentic, relaxed and good restaurants. An extra night or two is strongly recommended here, especially in the summer.

Day 5: Walk with history (6 km)

The day starts with a small ferry trip from Somo to Santander (not included, about 3 € / pers - timetable in our guidebook).

Santander (172,000 inhabitants) is an elegant city surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Not far from the center is the peninsula La Magdalena, a fantastic park with large playgrounds, cycling and hiking trails, restaurants, cafes, etc. On a beautiful day this is the place where locals hang out or on Santander's famous beach, El Sardinero. There is time for some sightseeing in Santander. This stage of the camino leaving from Santander is not the most exciting stage and that is why you take a local train today. The train leaves a few times per hour, but because tickets cannot be purchased in advance, we add a roadmap and other practical information about the train ticket in the guidebook that you will receive before departure (ticket price of 3 euro / person). The train ride takes about 30 minutes.

Upon arrival, a 6 km walk will take you to one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, Santillana del Mar. Near Santillana del Mar are the famous Altamira caves where 17,000-year-old cave paintings have been discovered. A replica of the caves can be visited and is well worth a visit. The museum is interesting and gives a good insight into human evolution through the millennia.

Overnight stay in a cozy and authentic hotel in the old center.

(Do not forget that the luggage is transported from hotel to hotel on all walking days.)

Day 6: Walk alongside the Green coast (11 km)

After Santillana del Mar you immediately find yourself in a rural settingthat willinfluence your walk along relatively hilly terrainas you walk from one peaceful village to another. On the way, there are many beautiful views, where you can enjoy your picnic.

Accommodations are provided in a nice hotel in a small peaceful village close to the rocky coast.

Day 7: Gaudi's beautiful architecture (11 km)

A quiet and beautiful walking day on the Camino del Norte along a picturesque coastline full of high cliffs that are occasionally interrupted by beautiful small sandy beaches that invite you for a swim. The tour is easy and goes through a series of small villages where you catch a glimpse of daily Spanish life, far away from the usual touristic areas. There is a lot to see during this stage that ends in the seaside resort of Comillas. Here you can enjoy the old town and the beach. Visit El Capricio designed by Antoni Gaudí, who is best known for his work in Barcelona.

Overnight in a nice 3-star hotel in the center of the city.

Day 8: Walk through a natural park (11 km)

Again, a beautiful and idyllic walking day through one of the most beautiful national parks in Northern Spain, Oyambre. Here you walk with a beautiful view looking out over the coast. Walk a few kilometers through the shallow water of the white beaches. You will have lunch in the pretty fishing village of San Vicente de la Barquera or relax on the beach. No rush, the hotel is waiting in the center of San Vicente, where there is a large choice of restaurants. From the harbor and the viewpoint at the church you have a beautiful view looking out over the coast and the city.

Day 9: Walk along a beautiful natural phenomenon (13 km)

Today you take the train again. The train ride takes 30 minutes and you can buy a ticket on the San Vicente de la Barquera Platform (2.85 euro / person). The timetable and map of the location of the station can be found in your Spain is More travel guide.
This stage is geologically one of the most interesting stages of the entire camino due to the fact that the next stop is an exciting natural phenomenon known as the 'Bufones'.

The experience depends on the weather because on a calm day without waves there is little to see here. What you can normally expect is the water sprayed up through the geyser-like holes when the waves are pushed against the cliffs forcefully. This provides a high-pitched sound and an impressive view. The nature around 'los Bufones' is both beautiful and rugged and is certainly worth a visit, regardless of the weather. There can be a nasty wind, but to see the Bufones in their full glory, the wind is indispensable.

Today there is a rest day in Llanes. This is definitely our favorite city on the Spanish North Coast. The beautiful beaches of the city invite you to completely relax. It is possible to take a surfing course here. Tame the blue waves with the help of a surfing instructor. Even if you have never held a surfboard, you will enjoy these hours in the sea.

Llanes is one of the finest and most popular seaside resorts on the north coast. It has wonderful beaches, good food, a cozy harbor and a nice old town.

The hotel is just a few hundred meters from the center of town and the beach of Llanes.

Day 10: Departure

Today you fly back from the airport in Bilbao or another airport.

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