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What are the posibilities of buying food and water along the way?

A bit about breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the Camino.

Breakfast is always included in the price listed on the website.

The time when breakfast is served varies for each accommodation.

If you wish to start walking or cycling earlier than when breakfast is served, some hotels offer the option to take along a sandwich or similar for breakfast later on the route. If so, you must inform the hotel the day before upon arrival.

The breakfast varies greatly from hotel to hotel. At some places, you will find it to be more basic, while at others, you may encounter an extravagant buffet.

We strive to collaborate with hotels that also prioritize a quality breakfast.

For lunch, your guide material describes recommendable restaurants along the way. If the area you are traveling through has a special local dish, this will be described in the guide – usually along with recommendations for one or more restaurants.

There are many excellent restaurants along the Camino, some places more frequently than others. If a stage has few or no restaurants on the way, this will be noted in the guide. In these cases, it is advisable to buy a packed lunch at the hotel, a bakery, or a supermarket before setting out.

As for dinner, we believe it's a pity to have it pre-ordered. Firstly, there's a good chance that you'll want to try something different from the included menu on some days – and there are plenty of options. Secondly, you'll likely meet other pilgrims along the way with whom you might want to dine on some evenings. Or perhaps you're not in the mood for a 3-course meal some days, especially if you've had a larger lunch at a cozy restaurant along the way.