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Reasons to do the Portugese Way

Fecha: 2018-06-18

Why should you choose one over another? We give some reasoning to make it easier for you to make a good decision

If you have already read the reasons and have already decided to do the Camino, here's why we think you should opt for the Portuguese Way, the Camino Portugués.

First of all, we should first say that there is no one best way, they are all different, and there are reasons for taking each one. Nonetheless, we'll now tell you about some of the advantages of the Portuguese Way, so that if you are considering doing this Camino, you'll feel encouraged.

We were going to give you 10 reasons, but they turned out to be 15 since we did not want to leave any out, so here they all go. We hope they will help you to make a decision if you have any doubts.

1) The Portugese Way is the second road preferred by pilgrims, but it is still far from the great mass of people that travel the French Way. So, even if you decide to do it duing high season, you will enjoy some important moments of solitude along the way (take advantage of this because it may change since this route is quickly growing in popularity).

2) The Camino Portugués is more affordable from the physical point of view.

3) It's well signposted.

4) Almost any time of year is good to do this Camino.

5) It has all service facilities (stores, pharmacies, cafés, restaurants, ...especially in its Spanish part).

6) It is a very green and lush route, which crosses many areas of forest and vineyards

7) It has very interesting alternate paths besides the official route that you can decide to take on the fly. For example, there's one at the entrance in Pontevedra by the Fluvial Path of Rio dos Gafos that you can take instead of the normal entrance that goes through the industrial area of ​​the city.

8) Enter Galicia through Tui and until your arrival in Santiago the route passes through the most populated belt of Galicia, giving you the chance to see cities such as Pontevedra, historic towns such as Padrón or Caldas, and small villages.

9) Pass through Pontevedra, the capital of the Rias Baixas. This city has one of the best preserved historic centers and walking through it will transport you back to an ancient medieval city.

10) The Camino Portugués is the only way in which you can eat authentic Padrón peppers, pimientos de Padrón. And, something which you already know ... some are hot and others are not!

11) Although this road has some asphalted areas, these are usually little trafficked by vehicles.

12) It is a journey of stories and legends. There are popular writings that say that it was on the Camino Portugués that the scallop symbol began to be used.

13) If you pass through Oporto you can try the magnificent Oporto wines and visit one of its famous wineries that are located in the same city.

14) You'll have the opportunity to pass through two countries. Unlike the French Way, where yes, it also consists of travel in two countries, although in truth you are only in France for half a stage, at the onset. With this Camino, if you decide to start the Camino in either Lisbon and Oporto, you have a few days to enjoy Portugal.

15) Related to the previous reason, doing this Camino gives you the opportunity to taste both Portuguese and Spanish cuisine, both spectacular.

As you can see, the reasons for doing the Portuguese Way are many and varied. For something this is the Way that has grown the most in recent years. Do not miss the experience of doing the Camino Portugués.


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