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Sarria - Santiago: Last 100km to SantiagoCamino De Santiago (French Way)

Map Camino Francés: Sarria - Santiago de Compostela

Pilgrimage along the last 116 km from Sarria to Santiago.

The 'Camino de Santiago Light' from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela is ideal for those seeking a rewarding hiking experience spanning 116 km with a difficulty level of 2 out of 5. This segment, the minimum required to earn 'La Compostelana', offers an unparalleled cultural and religious journey.

Starting from Sarria, a city well-equipped for pilgrims, the route winds through beautiful landscapes, including agricultural communities and serene forests, culminating in Santiago de Compostela. This section is the most popular among all the Camino de Santiago routes, which has its pros and cons.

In summary, this stretch of the Camino de Santiago is an accessible and less demanding option, perfect for exploring the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of the path.

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Practical Information About Your Pilgrimage

In Sarria, you can rest after your journey or seize the opportunity to take a bus or taxi to Samos. From there, start with an 11 km warm-up walk from one of Western Europe's largest and oldest monasteries, following the pilgrimage route back to Sarria.

In Santiago, two nights of accommodation are included. The last day is dedicated to an amazing guided day trip to Finisterre, known as the end of the world. The views are breathtaking, and you'll learn numerous legends and stories along the way.


What Spain is More Offers

✔ Daily departures throughout the year.

Carefully selected hotels, always with a private bathroom.

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✔ Stage customization: Yes, always.


Don't Miss...

Monastery of Samos. If you don't arrive early in the morning, you'll need an extra night in Sarria.

Roman Wall in Lugo. An extra night in Sarria will be needed.

✔ Spend the day in Ribera Sacra to see the vineyards and enjoy a beautiful cruise on the Sil River. An extra night in Sarria will be needed.


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It includes
  1. 7 nights in a double room - always with private bath/toilet.
  2. 7 x breakfast.
  3. Spain-is-More-Digital- Travel Guidebook: Detailed guide with various recommendations, itineraries, hotel addresses, etc. Printed copies can be purchased (30 euros per copy).
  4. Pilgrim Passport / Credencial.
  5. Guided Tour to Finisterre.
  6. 24/7 emergency telephone number.
  7. Taxes.
Not included
  1. Some short local bus or taxi journeys, e.g. from airport to bus or train station in the same city.
  1. Personalise your Camino:Extended stays, divide stages, transportation to startingpoint from anywhere in the world and back. Please ask us, we will be happy to assist you.
  2. Local transport to starting point.
  3. Baggage Transport on the pilgrim route can be purchased. If you buy a luggage service your bag / suitcase will be transported from hotel to hotel on the scheduled days of hiking. Price 35 €/unit of max 15 kg.
  4. Extension of stay 
  5. Printed guide. If you prefer the printed guide, it can be purchased for 30 euros per specimen. (You can add it when you buy the trip).
  6. Cancellation insurance: available in the trip confirmation process. (can be added when ordering).

Sarria - Santiago: Last 100km to Santiago

Camino De Santiago (French Way)

590 EUR/pers.
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Daily program

Sarria - Santiago de Compostela

Detailed itinerary (view all days )
Day 1.- Arrival to Sarria.

From the airport you can continue your way to Sarria by Bus or Taxi. Unless you hacve organised a transfer by us, the driver will be there upon arrival. 

Upon arrival to Sarria its possible to take a taxi / bus (info shown in the enclosed guidebook) 11 km. in the opposite direction to Samos and monastery. The beautiful old monastery is one of the largest and oldest in the western world and is a good starting point for the trip. 

The route from Samos to Sarria is hilly and very beautiful. 

Or simply just relax in Sarria. Manybe choose to add another night in Sarria to do the walk from Samos the day after, or/and to visit Lugo, where you will find the best preserved roman citywall in the world.

Day 2.- Sarria - Portomarín 23 Km

Galicia is one of the most beautiful regions in Spain, both in nature and glorious tradition. Today’s walk is one of the most attractive stages of the entire Pilgrim’s Way; traveling through authentic rural Spain and its verdant forests, grassy meadows, fertile orchards and simple stone-built hamlets.

Distance: 23 Km

Day 3.- Portomarin - Palas de Rei 25 Km

The terrain becomes flatter, though still hilly. Optimism takes over in this magnificent, lush area. By now your goal feels achievable. The journey continues along farm tracks and quiet country roads through the lush Galician countryside to Palas de Rei. Palas de Rei is a small village of around 2,000, with an illustrious past, although nothing remains today as a reminder since the historic city was engulfed in 1960 with the water from the dam and lake that were built.

NOTE: the two stages between Portomarin and Arzúa can be divided into three stages with the following km. distribution: 17, 16 and 20 km.

Distance: 25 Km

Palas de ReiPontomarin
Day 4.- Palas de Rei - Arzúa 28 Km

Today's views will seem somewhat familiar. A typical day on the Camino de Santiago, through rolling green landscapes, dotted with cows, stone walls and tiny Romanesque churches. Take time to talk and learn about myriad of legends and stories that this route offers. Today´s stage can also be divided into an extra night in Melide.

NOTE: the two stages between Portomarin and Arzúa can be divided into three stages with the following km. distribution: 17, 16 and 20 km. Or we can just divide the long stange between Palas de Rei and Arzua in two stages.

Distance: 28 Km

ArzúaPalas de Rei
Day 5.- Arzúa - O Pedrouzo 20 Km

An exhilarating atmosphere unfolds as your journey's end draws closer. Pilgrims now feel the close joy of having reached their goal and they begin to revel in happiness and relief with the many companions they met along the way. Today’s walk is along natural pathways through tall groves of Eucalyptus that provide superb shade during your walk.

Distance: 20 Km

O Pedrouzo Arzúa
Day 6.- O Pedrouzo/ A Rua - Santiago de Compostela 20 Km

Congratulations, you achieved an admirable goal, so it's time for a number of traditional pilgrimage rituals. First, be sure to get proof of this feat: the last stamp in your pilgrim passport.

Along with the rituals, enjoy the End Station of the Pilgrim Route, Santiago de Compostela, which offers a veritable cornucopia of attractions and one of the world’s most important cultural centers. This university town exudes charm and has a myriad of cozy streets offering ample opportunity to sample the many local delicacies.

The Cathedral is surrounded by a historic center which is on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list, and its old town is incomparable to any other. Its monuments stand as true works of art in different architectural styles.

Distance: 20 Km

Santiago de CompostelaO Pedrouzo
Day 7.- Santiago de Compostela y Finisterre

True pilgrims continues further and finish their journeys in Finisterre. The tour goes by bus with an English-speaking guide from Santiago to Finisterre in the morning and returns mid-efternoon to Santiago. Just off the stunning, rugged coastline and the fabled “Costa de la Muerte” (Death Coast), a reef filled with shipwrecks and tales of legends captures a raw, natural beauty. On the coast’s westernmost point is Finisterre – meaning the world’s end. Romans named this coast because it was literally the end of the known world. For many pilgrims this is the symbolic endpoint of the pilgrimage. 

The evening is spent in Santiago de Compostela.

Day 8.- Departure from Santiago

Departure from Santiago

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