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4 tips to maintain your walking shoes

Whatever pilgrimage you are going to do, a pilgrim needs a good walking shoe


When you buy your shoes, pay attention to the fit and choose the shoe that is suitable for the area where you are going to walk. Here you can read our advice for choosing the right footwear for doing the Camino de Santiago. 

Of course you also want to enjoy your shoes after your camino, so we have 4 practical tips for you.

1. Even though you may not always feel like it during your camino, it is advisable to clean your shoes after every stage. You remove dirt and mud on your shoe and under the sole best with a dry brush. For stuck dirt, use warm running water. Do not use soap, as this will affect the impregnation.

2. With intensive use it is important to regularly clean the inside of the shoe. You can clean a Gore-Tex® lining by removing the insole and filling the shoes with approx. 7 cm of warm water. Do not add soap or other cleaning products! Shake the shoe back and forth a few times, then let the water run out again. Always let the shoe dry naturally, so never use a hair dryer. You can clean a leather lining by wiping it well with a wet towel and then allowing the shoe to dry naturally. 

3. Although the leather has already been impregnated during production, it is very important to repeat this regularly. Impregnation prevents the leather from drying out and makes it dirt and water resistant. You can impregnate your shoes with a spray or with a wax. In both cases, the shoes must first be properly cleaned and dried.

  • Impregnate your shoes before storing them for a longer period. With the impregnation spray the shoe in at a distance of about thirty centimeters. Also take the tongue flap and sole edges with you because gummi can also dry out, and don't forget the small corners. Impregnation spray generally takes twelve hours to work optimally. If you use your shoes intensively, you can repeat the treatment immediately afterwards.
  • With a soft brush you apply the wax while turning on the leather and just like with the spray on the rubber pads and on the sides of the soles. When using a wax, the leather always colors darker. Wax is not suitable for suede, because it loses the structure of the leather. Walking shoes with a combined leather and textile can also be treated better with an impregnating spray, because the wax affects the breathability of the textile. Always use special shoe wax and never oil or fat.

4. Keep your hiking boots in a dry, well-ventilated area. Do not place them near the heating or in direct sunlight, because the leather will dry out quickly.

On to your next camino!