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Mountainbike Tourism: 7 benefits.

Fecha: 2018-05-24

Mountainbike tourism is getting more and more popular!

You already read our blog about the reasons for choosing an active holiday and our blog about the best destinations to enjoy an active holiday. Today we talk about cycling holidays and its benefits. Before we start, we explain what bicycle tourism means ...

"Bicycle / mountainbike tourism is a way of traveling, where you discover new places by bike as a means of transportation."

In a very advantageous way and at a slower pace, this activity enables us to connect with the local people, their way of life, enjoying the scenery, tastes and habits of the places. It allows us to experience the journey in a very engaging way compared to traveling with other means of transportation. It is not important how many kilometers you travel, or how many hours you cycle, but how and where you are going to cycle.

The vast majority of us have good memories of cycling. You remember your childhood, when you went cycling with friends, camping in the summer, the villages, ... It is clear that when you cycle, everything looks different. 

Undoubtedly, cycling activities are fun and healthy, so read on to discover some of the benefits that cycling tourism offers us.

1) KEEPS YOU IN SHAPE: Cycling does not mean that you have to do thousands of kilometers a year or climb the highest mountain. It is sufficient to move more than half an hour so that your body starts burning. When you move, your resistance increases, your muscles strengthen, you get more balance and you rejuvenate your knees.

2) YOUR HEART WILL THANK YOU: According to doctors, cycling reduces the risk of a heart attack.

3) HEALTHY BODY AND HEALTHY MIND: Cycling is also good for a healthy mind. By training, endorphins are released that help to fight anxiety, stress and a bad mood.

4) CARE FOR THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: Cycling helps strengthen the immune system by raising blood pressure and renewing the blood.

5) ENJOY THE ENVIRONMENT AT AN IDEAL SPEED: It would take much longer on foot, and everything goes too fast by car... By traveling by bike you can travel dozens of kilometers and be able to enjoy the surroundings while reaching your destination within a reasonable time. During the trip you are in the middle of nature, you breathe in clean air, you see things you would not have seen by car, you can stop in the villages and talk with the locals...

6) MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY IN YOUR TRAVEL: if you go by bike, you have control. It is up to you to change the cycle route or the established plan. You can adapt to any situation. Choose when you rest and where you eat, there is no rush, you just have fun.

7) PERSONAL RELATIONS: When you travel by bike, everything is experienced in a different way. It is easier to make contact with the local population, who will undoubtedly advise you where to eat and what to see in every new place. Enjoy those little pleasures in every place.

SPAIN IS MORE has started this year making different cycling routes on the Camino de Santiago (French, Northern and Portuguese route) and we could not start better. A mountain bike route through the beautiful Picos de Europa is another option. An ideal trip for mountainbikers who love adventure in an environment of incomparable beauty. Enjoy cycling through Northern Spain with us and we assure you that you will have a great experience.


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