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The seductive benefits of riding a bike


For those of us who constantly get around on our bikes, it is not uncommon to know that we are being judged as crazy. You have probably been asked more than once whether you are not getting tired, whether it is not very far, whether it is not dangerous. The truth is, all of us who have been infected by biking know that getting out on a bike feels so good that we don't want to miss it. The joy of the journey and not so much of the arrival, the mentality of the effort, the feeling of being and doing exactly what you feel, contributing the best of yourself, the minimalist life, seeing that the problems are relative, a small revolution with every step on the pedals.
But do you know why?
Here are some surprising reasons why riding a bike feels so good:
One of the most important ingredients for happiness is self-awareness. Numerous studies have shown that there is a connection between your self-perception or self-esteem and this physical activity. The duration or intensity has no significant influence, so simply pedaling to work or school is enough to improve self-esteem. An active life also greatly reduces the risk of suffering from depression. Exercise is generally good for depression and can even be of great help in treating patients of all ages who have been diagnosed with clinical depression.
Using the bike as a means of transportation is a great way to get a little physical reassurance on a daily basis. Pedaling not only releases inner tension, but also saves you the inevitable stress of driving around on crowded streets in a closed vehicle or taking in the hustle and bustle of public transport. On the bike you have no choice but to enjoy the wind in your face and feel the freedom it whispers to you.
It is not entirely certain which biological or psychological mechanisms are involved, but various studies have shown that exercises such as riding a bike help reduce anxiety levels. When training on the bike it is even possible to get rid of problems and to feel a general well-being, a feeling of control and strength over yourself and the environment.
Cycling activates an essential cycle for survival in the brain. It all starts with the satiety hormone leptin. This hormone is responsible for showing the body the level of energy it has. A study by the University of Montreal found that when leptin levels are low, people feel the urge to exercise, which would have motivated people to go out and forage millions of years ago. So after a good drive, it's not uncommon to long for a snack or a few beers with friends ... and that's where the cycle ends. After the cravings are satisfied, the brain releases dopamine, which creates pleasure and a feeling of well-being. That's why you want so much to pedal!
You can also tell here that urban cyclists are not crazy. The bike not only helps us to improve our physical condition, but also to maintain a psychological balance and to feel happy. A great advantage of the bicycle is that it is extremely easy to integrate into daily life. When it is used as a means of transport, all advantages are almost automatically taken advantage of.

So why not do the Camino de Santiago with it? And to stimulate the power of self-healing to be released.