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Flavors of the St. James' Way: The Unmatched Tortilla de Betanzos

Discovering Galicia's Culinary Heart on the St. James' Way


If you're planning to traverse the picturesque English Way to Santiago de Compostela, prepare for a culinary experience as memorable as your spiritual journey. Among the gastronomic gems of Galicia, the Tortilla de Betanzos stands out as an essential dish. In this blog, we take you through the streets of Betanzos, a vital stop in your pilgrimage, to explore the secrets of this delicious tortilla.

What Makes the Tortilla de Betanzos Special?: The Tortilla de Betanzos is unique in its kind. Unlike other Spanish versions, it is characterized by its juicy and slightly undercooked interior. The ingredients are simple but of high quality: fresh eggs, tender potatoes, and just the right touch of salt. What really makes the difference is the cooking technique, which ensures a soft and creamy texture, very different from the traditional Spanish tortilla.

The English Way and Betanzos: A Perfect Combination: Betanzos, a historic city in the heart of Galicia, is a mandatory stop on the English Way to Santiago de Compostela. This route, chosen by thousands of pilgrims every year, not only offers a spiritual and physical experience but also the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culture and gastronomy of Galicia. The Tortilla de Betanzos is a perfect example of the local culinary tradition that awaits travelers on this path.

Where to Try the Best Tortilla de Betanzos: In Betanzos, you will find several restaurants and taverns where the authentic Tortilla de Betanzos is served. Look for places that use free-range eggs and local potatoes to ensure an authentic experience. Do not hesitate to ask the locals; they will be happy to direct you to their favorite spots.

Conclusion: The Tortilla de Betanzos is not just a dish; it's an experience that reflects the cultural richness of Galicia. As you travel the English Way, you will not only discover breathtaking landscapes and a rich history but also a world of unique flavors. Be sure to make a stop in Betanzos to enjoy this culinary delight and enrich your journey to Santiago de Compostela.