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Costa Verde Express Mini-Cruise: 3 days of luxury on rails

Discover 'La Costa Verde Express': a luxury mini-rail cruise on an exclusive route


La Costa Verde Express - Minicruise


Embark on an exclusive adventure with 'La Costa Verde Express', where charm and distinction intertwine along the railway tracks of Spain's northern coast.

Traditionally, this iconic journey connects the historic cities of Bilbao and Santiago de Compostela over 7 days, offering an unparalleled experience through the green heart of Spain.

Now, we offer you the chance to immerse yourself in the essence of 'La Costa Verde Express' through a condensed yet equally enchanting version of this journey. Available on select dates throughout the year, this exclusive experience gives you the opportunity to enjoy a mini-cruise of 2 nights and 3 days, designed for those seeking a more intimate experience without forgoing the grandeur of the full journey.

During your stay in our Gran Clase Suite, you will experience a level of comfort and attention to detail unmatched, defining our commitment to service excellence. You can choose between two fascinating itineraries: Bilbao to Oviedo or Bilbao to León, each promising to unveil breathtaking landscapes and offer you hospitality that will make you feel genuinely valued.

This is the moment to indulge in exploring new horizons, combining the joy of discovery with the elegance of an unmatched journey. 'La Costa Verde Express' awaits to offer you a memorable experience, as impactful and special as the destinations you will explore. Don't miss the chance to make your trip a story worth telling, filled with moments that will stay with you long after you've returned home.


The journey between Bilbao and Oviedo follows the same program and route along the Spanish northern coast, Costa Verde, as it normally would, but it ends in Oviedo instead of continuing to Santiago de Compostela - see the daily program between Bilbao and Oviedo in this link.

The dates for this route in 2024 are as follows: May 1, July 26, September 4, October 18.


The journey between Bilbao and León follows the program from the Expreso de la Robla trip into the beautiful and authentic inland areas. Here, you'll travel on the original narrow-gauge La Robla railway, winding through the mountains and historic villages. The railway was previously used to transport coal from the La Robla mines to the port city of Bilbao. Compared to the journey on the 'Expreso de la Robla' train, you will experience enhancements in the dining facilities and larger suites on the train, which include a double bed of 1.20m instead of bunk beds and larger bathrooms. - see the daily program between Bilbao and León in this link.

The date for this route in 2024 is May 9.



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As with our other train journeys, Spain is More offers to arrange accommodations before and after the train journey, as well as transportation - both local train transport or a private driver, and flight travel as desired.

The price for the train journey itself, including full board, entertainment, all visits, and much more as per the program, is €2,300 per person. The single room supplement is €1,800.

(Spain is More reserves the right to change prices, availability, and other modifications).

We look forward to hearing from you!


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