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Al Andalus: The Ultimate Luxury Train Journey Through Beautiful Andalusia

Everything You Need to Know About Traveling with Al-Andalus


Life Aboard the Al-Andalus Train

Step into a world of unparalleled luxury and old-world glamour as you board the Al Andalus train in Southern Spain. This is not just a journey; it's an epic tale of elegance on rails, a journey that awakens all your senses and fills your soul with unforgettable memories.

Al Andalus is more than just a train; it's a floating palace where history meets modernity in the most enchanting union. Take a trip back in time as you step into the lavishly decorated interior, where antique furnishings and intricate decorations bring the glory of the golden age of rail travel back to life. Every room exudes charm and character, and you'll feel like royalty in your private salon, transforming from a luxurious lounge during the day to a cozy bedroom at night.

The train's suites, Superior and Standard, offer an abundance of comfort and amenities to suit the most discerning traveler. Whether you choose a spacious Superior suite with a large bathroom and a king-size bed or a cozy Standard suite with two single beds, you'll experience the ultimate luxury and relaxation. From the minibar to the personalized service, nothing will be lacking on your journey.

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But Al Andalus is not just a place to sleep; it's an experience to explore. This train offers a treasure trove of activities to enchant you along the way. Discover the most beautiful corners of Southern Spain on the included excursions, taking you to fascinating places and cultural gems. Explore local markets, archaeological treasures, and picturesque villages, all with knowledgeable guides who will bring history to life.

When you return to the train, there's still more to experience. Enjoy the wonderful world of gastronomy as you dine in the train's sumptuous dining cars. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are not just meals; they are works of art prepared with the finest local ingredients. Sample traditional dishes and international delicacies accompanied by the finest wines while sharing smiles and conversations with your fellow travelers.

Evenings aboard Al Andalus are magical. Relax in elegant lounge areas where you can savor a glass of wine or a cocktail and let the day sink in. Live music, dance, and entertainment will bring joy to your nights, and you'll dance into the early hours.

So step aboard Al Andalus and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty and mystique of Southern Spain. This is not just a train journey; it's a journey back in time, a journey into the heart of the culture, history, and passion of this breathtaking region. It's a journey that will enrich your soul and give you memories for a lifetime.

What are the rooms like on Al Andalus?

The suites on the Al Andalus train are designed for the rest and privacy of the guests and have all the amenities that first-class accommodations offer. During the day, the room is a comfortable private lounge with a sofa, while at night, the beds are unfolded, transforming it into a well-appointed bedroom.

We distinguish two types of suites:

Deluxe Suites in Compartment

Spacious and elegant compartments that combine 21st-century comfort with the original features of this historic train. 

It has a double bed that transforms into a sofa during the day. Possibility to add a small extra bed for a child. Safe, minibar, wardrobe, luggage rack, and adjustable air conditioning. Spacious and comfortable private bathroom with shower, hairdryer, and a variety of welcome and toiletry items, with an exclusive fragrance and toiletry bag.

Accomodation 'Grand Class-Room'

This charming room retains the size and Belle Époque appeal of the original cabins. 

A charming suite with a private bathroom that retains the dimensions and charm of the original compartments. It features two single beds that turn into armchairs during the day. Minibar, safe, wardrobe, luggage rack, and adjustable air conditioning.

Functional private bathroom with maximum use of space, equipped with a shower, hairdryer, and a variety of welcome and toiletry items, with an exclusive fragrance and toiletry bag.

Included in Al Andalus - Grand Class Room

  • Accommodation onboard in Grand Class Room.
  • A la carte and buffet breakfasts every day.
  • All dinners and lunches, with the finest cuisine aboard the train or in top restaurants (including wine, water, soft drinks and coffee).
  • Welcome drink and snack.
  • Farewell dinner – gala party.
  • Traveling toiletries bag courtesy of Renfe Viajeros (with amenities and slippers).
  • Free mineral water available in the cabin’s minibar.
  • Activities on board: music and live performances, parties in the pub car, show cooking and cocktails, dancing, etc.
  • Tickets to museums, attractions and shows.
  • Excursions and scheduled tours.
  • Luxury coach accompanying the train along the trip.
  • Taxes and services.
  • Daily newspapers and magazines.
  • Security service.
  • Multilingual guide throughout the tour.
  • Excellent crew available (Expedition Leader, guide, waiters, cooks, technicians, etc).

Included in Deluxe Suite

  • Everything included in the Grand Class Room plus:
  • Accommodation onboard in Deluxe Suite.
  • Option of enjoying two private dinners/lunches in your compartment.
  • All non-alcoholic drinks available in the cabin’s minibar (complimentary).
  • The crew may unpack your luggage onto the wardrobe on arrival and pack it back on the last day.

The Gastronomy on Al-Andalus

The local cuisine will influence each dish served on the different routes taken by this palace on wheels. The Andalusian gastronomy features world famous products such as olive oil, sherry or Jabugo Iberian ham, with dishes such as gazpacho and oxtail. A new generation of cooks is now bringing a blow of fresh air to the Mediterranean and Andalusian cooking traditions. On other routes throughout Spain, travellers will enjoy the excellent cuisine of Extremadura or taste cocido (typical stew) and roasts that have brought fame to Castile region.

Breakfast is always served onboard through a personal table service. There is also a varied buffet available. Local specialties will be presented during the tour in the form of sweets, tortillas, pies, cheeses, cold meats, etc., thereby ensuring that every day is different and original - even at the breakfast table. Lunches and dinners will be served both in the elegant train dining cars and at respected restaurants that make up our selection of restaurants during the journey.

Menus are set in advance, seeking a balance between the traditional cuisine of each area, the creativity of our professionals, and the innovation that has made Spanish chefs famous internationally. Nevertheless, special food requirements due to health or personal choice shall be addressed without prejudice to the quality of meals on offer. All you need to do is notify us - preferably at the time of booking - to ensure that your culinary needs are catered for on the journey.

Life on board Al-Andalus

For the duration of the journey, the train Al Andalus will become your living room, your means of transportation, your socialising place, your bar, your bedroom: a hotel on wheels in which you sleep and wake up in a different place every day. The landscape passing by the window of your suite or the lounge where you are having a coffee is never the same. That simple fact makes the trip itself unique and unlike any other experience. 

To ensure passengers a good night’s rest, the train will remain parked at a station at night. The train lounges are especially designed for relaxation and unfettered enjoyment of the evocative ambience, also offering the chance of sharing the company of fellow travellers. Many friendships have been formed over a drink onboard Al Andalus. 

After dinner, an evening of entertainment. Every night is party night, with various live performances throughout the trip. Given the length of the train, these will not affect those who prefer retiring earlier to the privacy of their suite. You can also choose to have a quiet drink on one of the other saloon cars, or go for a stroll in whichever town we are spending the night. The train will remain parked at the station until the next morning. 

In general, comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended for the daytime when we will be out and about on our excursions, while at night you can opt for more formal attire, although no particular dress code is required at any time.

Other information


All travellers must have documents confirming their identity. For foreigners, the documentation required for travelling by train is the same as that required to enter Spain from the country of origin. Spanish citizens may use their national ID cards or passports.


The legal currency in Spain is the Euros. There is no obligation to tip.


In Spain, medicines are purchased at pharmacies. Travellers from EU countries or states that have agreements in place with Spain, will benefit from the same pharmaceutical benefits as Spanish citizens. All trains have a first aid kit onboard, and the crew has been trained to use it. Furthermore, we are in continuous contact with health centres located along the different routes, in the case a traveller needs special medical attention.


No vaccination is necessary in Spain; nevertheless, as anywhere in the world, it is advisable to have had a recent tetanus jab and have undertaken the official immunisation vaccines.


Smoking is prohibited in Spain in all enclosed public spaces (including public vehicles and public transport). Therefore, while on board, according to the current legislation travellers must refrain from smoking. However, each train journey stretch do not exceed 3-4 hours.


Overall, Spain is one of the safest countries in Europe for tourists. Our trains have a security service and a safe on board, in addition to security surveillance at all stations along the way.


The El Costaverde Express, El Transcantábrico Gran Lujo, Al Ándalus and the El Expreso de La Robla trains have WiFi Internet and a computer in their social carriages so travellers can access the Internet, check email, etc. All cabins in the El Transcantabrico Clásico and El Transcantábrico Gran Lujo also feature WiFi connection (subject to coverage).

If you want to call abroad from Spain you must dial 00 followed by the country code and telephone number. If you wish to call a number in Spain from abroad, dial +34 (the country code for Spain) and then the 9-digit telephone number.

We recommend that foreign travellers wishing to use their mobile phones contact their operator to activate the international roaming service and enquire about costs.


Travellers on the Luxury Tourist Trains are only covered by the Compulsory Passenger Insurance (SOV in Spanish). Therefore it is advisable to take out specific travel insurance to cover cancellation, off-board accidents, illness or similar incidents, as recommended by your travel agent or insurer.


Although all our Luxury Tourist Trains are refurbished and equipped with the latest technology, they are still vintage pieces; their interiors are laid out in a way that makes it impossible to move around on wheelchairs or walkers.

Nevertheless travel would be possible for a person with reduced mobility who is reasonably self-sufficient or travelling together with another passenger, and who only requires the support of a wheelchair once off the train. In this case, if so desired and giving reasonable notice when booking, a wheelchair can be made available to the client. It is however important that such persons do not travel unassisted, and that their travel companion is available to help on and off the train, pushing the wheelchair etc, as there is no dedicated staff available for this purpose.


When travelling with a child, a supplement or set price depending on the chosen train, will be charged. The Reservation Centre for Tourist Trains will be able to inform you of the possible accommodation arrangements and special prices in these cases.

Only the cabins in El Transcantabrico Gran Lujo and the train Al Andalus’ Deluxe Suites offer enough space for parents to place their own travel cot or to have an extra bed.


No pets are allowed, other than guide dogs accompanying their owner.


The power supply in Spain is 230V 50Hz, with Type F round 2-prong plug outlets.

The Crew on Al-Andalus

The crew on our Luxury Tourist Trains consists of a team of professionals trained and ready to provide a perfect and personalised attention in different languages.

The team is led by the Trip Supervisor, who is responsible for bringing this rail cruise safely into port. This person can count on the help of all the other crew: the driver, guide, head waiter, cooks and waiters, music and entertainment organiser, maintenance personnel, bus driver and security staff, who will all make sure that passengers have nothing to do other than enjoy their journey.

The Trip Supervisor and the guide will become inseparable companions of the group, accompanying travellers throughout the journey and offering whatever information and advice they may need. The varied entertainment schedule onboard, in turn, will ensure an engaging and enjoyable time, encouraging the active participation of passengers.

All our crew, in coordination with the Trip Supervisor, are available for travellers 24/7, ensuring the same high level of quality and personal attention inside and outside the train.

Visits and excursions


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Changes to the itinerary, excursions, and cabin descriptions, among other things, may be made.