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Pilgrims of León: David from Spain (#POL)

What is the difference between walking the Camino as a foreign pilgrim compared to a Spanish pilgrim? David, who lives in León, Spain, gives his opinion.


"I think there is a difference between how Spanish pilgrims experience the Camino compared to foreign pilgrims. Probably it is more special for foreigners to do the Camino because maybe they have never been in Santiago de Compostela before. A lot of Spanish people already have been in Santiago or at least know the region here and they know more or less what to expect. What is also true, is that Spanish pilgrims, at least the one’s that live close to the Camino Frances, will look for restaurants that are a little bit out of the city center. We are used to the advertisements of the pilgrim menu’s and that is why we try to search a little less commercial places and sometimes these restaurants are also a little bit cheaper."

Thank you David for sharing your Camino experience!