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Create your own Parador route with Spain is More

You have free choice among Spain's fantastic Parador hotels. Compose your own journey at the enchanting and historical Parador hotels.


Whether you want to travel north, east, south, or west - or explore the exciting middle of the country, there is a historical and charming Parador hotel waiting to be discovered.

Spain is More offers all 97 Parador hotels in Spain at advantageous prices. Spain is More has been collaborating with the Parador hotels since 2010, and we offer unique opportunities and flexibility for composing your very own Parador tour, at attractive prices.

Minimum 5 Parador Nights

To obtain the attractive price, you must book at least 5 Parador nights. They can be spread over up to 5 different Parador hotels, or 5 nights at the same place.

Typically, you will receive a discount of 5-10% compared to the official prices and those of booking portals, as Spain is More books directly with 'Paradores'. Additionally, you receive Spain is More's guidebook, with recommendations for exciting experiences along the way, and good advice for the journey. We also have a 24/7 emergency number, should it become necessary.

How to plan your tour of the Parador hotels?

Call or write to us with your thoughts, who and how many you are, and when you want to travel.

Also tell us if you want Spain is More to include flights and possibly car rental, or if you prefer to arrange it yourself. Maybe you prefer to travel around Spain by train, which may limit the options for visiting some Parador hotels, while it is quite feasible for others, located in cities.

Afterwards, we will send an offer, which you confirm if everything looks good. Otherwise, we adjust it until everyone is satisfied.

Where to Travel?

In general, the Parador hotels can be divided into 3 categories; Parador Hotels in Cities (blue), Parador Hotels in Nature (green), and Historical Parador Hotels (orange). Many naturally choose a combination of these, but perhaps you have more interest in one particular type.

Parador Hoteller I Spanien - Kort

Parador Hotels in Cities

There are many options. The Parador hotels are often centrally located in cities. This is the case for the Parador hotels in Gijón, Pontevedra, Segovia, Lleida, and Salamanca. Some of the most famous Parador hotels are located in cities but are designated as 'historical' on the map. These are in cities like Leon, Santiago de Compostela, and Hondarribia.

Parador Hotels in Nature

Due to Parador history, many of the hotels are beautifully located amidst natural gems. Examples include the Santo Estevo monastery in Galicia (which is also historical), the two beautiful Parador hotels on the Costa da Morte coast, and the mountain hotels in both Picos de Europa and the Pyrenees.

The Historical Parador Hotels

Parador hotels can be located in old buildings, such as castles, fortresses, monasteries, and other renovated monuments, which are naturally very charming.

The historical hotels are what most people associate with Parador. Besides the ones already mentioned, we can highlight Ciudad Rodrigo, Toledo, Baiona, and Olite. There are many beautiful places.

Combine the Parador Journey

Often you will experience a combination of new and historical Parador hotels, as the experiences around the hotels also play an important role. But maybe you only want to visit the historical Parador hotels. Or maybe it doesn't matter.

In short, there are many options. So why this open route suggestion? Because there are so many possibilities, so which route should we suggest to you? We know almost all the Parador hotels in Northern Spain and a little south of it. So, we are convinced that we can find the right combination for you.

Which Region Will You Travel To?

Northern Spain is divided into geographic and political regions, which you can read much more about here. Do you have an idea of where you want to go?

In cities like Madrid, Bilbao, and San Sebastian, there are NO Parador hotels, but we can easily arrange accommodation for you here, if desired.

Parador Summer and Beach Holiday

How about a summer vacation at a Parador hotel? Like a kind of luxury charter vacation!

Parador has several good and family-friendly Paradors with pools and close to beautiful beaches and charming summer towns to choose from. For example, Aguasblavas, which reopened after a major renovation in 2022. Also, Benicarló on the attractive stretch between Barcelona and Valencia, El Saler south of Valencia, Jávea on the Costa Blanca, and several places around Málaga.

We look forward to hearing from you!