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Asturias by bike

Through the natural paradise - and that's no understatement...


My journey in beautiful Asturias took place last May, climbing on modern electric mountain bikes over the iconic mountains that we usually see on TV during the Vuelta de España. It was an unforgettable adventure that began with excitement and ended with a deep sense of satisfaction.


Day 1: Arrival in Asturias - Las Caldas - La Farrapona - Cabo Busto

Upon arrival in Asturias, I was greeted by the fresh mountain air and stunning views of the surrounding hills. I met my companions for the upcoming days at the beautiful hotel in Las Caldas, and the anticipation for the adventure was palpable.

After a short and picturesque ride, we stopped somewhere in the middle of nowhere, and I was introduced to my new electric companion that would assist me in the climb ahead. After a brief explanation, we began the ascent to La Farrapona -1708m - . It was challenging, but certainly doable, even if you're not in top shape – you can put the bike on Turbo mode, and that helps!

Lago de Cueva

After a beautiful climb and spotting some bear spotters, it was time to have lunch in the stunning Somiedo, the bear paradise of Asturias.

We all thought we would head back to the hotel to enjoy the fantastic spa, but the organizers had another ride in store for us – off to the coast! It was also a beautiful ride along the rugged coast of the Cantabrian Sea, with breathtaking viewpoints.

It was all worth it, although the final part, in my opinion and that of my fellow companions, was a bit too challenging for the average day-tripper. But we survived! We passed through beautiful forests, with some pretty steep descents – you need to have some biking skills for that, of course. But the arrival on the beach with the stunning view was ultimately worth it.

Fortunately, we then took a section of the Camino Del Norte back to our vans and finally to the hotel! Here, we enjoyed a nice bath, dining, and a good night rest– because the next day had a lot in store for us!


Day 2: Climbing Alto de l'Angliru – The Ultimate Challenge

After a restful night's sleep and a delicious breakfast, our ride began as a gentle exploration of picturesque villages and rolling hills. It was a promising start to our journey. But as we got closer to the foot of l'Angliru -  We felt our confidence wane a bit.

The climb of Alto de l'Angliru was a challenge that I approached with mixed feelings and was undoubtedly the most demanding ascent of the trip. The electric bikes were invaluable and helped me conquer the steep slopes, allowing me to fully enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. It was a promising start to our journey – and an experience I will not forget.

The adrenaline and joy I felt when I reached the summit are hard to put into words. You really feel on top of the world – and I never expected I could do this!

It is possible for anyone to do it, yes, with the right determination. But you need to know yourself a bit because if you give up halfway, you might find yourself alone on a mountain – in the middle of nowhere – and very high up!

After this fulfilling climb, we descended and headed to the Senda Del Oso. After our well-deserved lunch, we got to ride another 14 kilometers along the Senda del Oso, created on the old train tracks, passing through beautiful villages, green valleys, and towering mountains. This was a lot of fun and accessible to everyone – even for the less experienced cyclists among us.

senda del oso

Then, we arrived at the bike rental center, where the group guides had their "base station" and showed us all the equipment they have available for rent – which is almost fully booked during the summer months. They offer various routes with or without guides. After this short tour, there was still a ride for those who had some energy left in their legs – the climb of Cruz De Linares - ! Another historic route from the Vuelta de España.

I decided to skip this one and take the van, which was also a beautiful experience. My partner in crime underestimated it a bit but managed to complete it!

After all these climbs and rides, we went to our beautiful hotel in Gijon! There, we were picked up from the van and even had a brief interview for local TV – including my bad hair day. Finally, we enjoyed a relaxing shower and a delicious dinner!


Day 3: Exploration of the Picos de Europa

Our journey through the Picos de Europa was the last highlight of this trip. The majestic mountains surrounding us and the stunning nature left me speechless every time. On our last day, we had a leisurely ride to our starting point. We stopped about 5 kilometers before reaching the lakes of Covadonga and continued our journey on our trusty E-MTBs. We rode gently uphill and downhill through the valley of the Picos, but we had to be careful because the green grazers were accustomed to people in the area and didn't move an inch.

This ride is suitable for everyone, even children, and spending a day here, especially in good weather, creates unforgettable memories.

The other days were undoubtedly a lot of fun and presented challenges that I gave myself a pat on the back for conquering, but the ride in this natural paradise of the Covadonga lakes is genuinely my favorite of these days.

Looking back on the week, I felt fulfilled by all the adventures and the new friends I had made.

The journey in Asturias on electric MTBs was a unique experience that touched me deeply. Combining the adventurous feeling of cycling with the breathtaking beauty of this region and following the traces of the Vuelta de España was a unique and unforgettable experience. It was a journey that will always stay with me and inspires me to explore more of the world on a bike.

Would you like to know more about Cycling in Asturias - Contact me! I'm happy to help you on your way!