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A shortcut to the best beaches in Spain

Galicia, the new black in Spanish tourism


Can you keep a secret?

If you can, we will guide you to some of the best beaches in Spain, actually in the world. In the following you will find a guide to a couple of obvious choices and some of our own secret beaches.

The Galician coastline consists of more than 700 beaches. Yes, you have read correctly. 700 beaches of all imaginable kinds gently peppered throughout the Galician Provinces. 360 of these you will find in the province of La Coruña, another 60 you will find in the Province of Lugo and on the remaining 280 beaches, you can find peace of mind in the southern province of Pontevedra.

Big waves and calm waters

Without question Galicia has some of the most amazing and spectacular beaches in Spain. No matter if you like white sandy or golden-brown beaches, big waves coming in from the Atlantic Ocean crashing on the rocky shorelines, or you prefer small lagoon like beaches with calm waters, where your children can build castles in the sand. The Galician coastline does have all you could ever desire! Of course, at some point in history, someone decided that heaven should not be found on earth, therefore, the waters can have a refreshing feel when you jump in to dip your sun-tanned body.

Galicia is the region in Spain with most coast line, since the Atlantic Ocean and the Biscayan Sea meets in the northern point near A Coruña. Another important you might like to consider, in the thoughtful moment when you decide whether your holiday destination should be heading south or north in Spain this year, is, that Galicia is a relatively new tourist destination, at least for abroad tourist. For Spaniards it has always been one of their favoured regions to spend their holidays. Therefore, you will also find an authentic and traditional Spanish way of living compared to many other tourist destinations on the Iberian Peninsula.

Norwegian fjords – added sun and warm weather!

Having a glance at the map, then you quickly realize that the fjords of Galicia has many similarities to the Norwegian coastline, with a lot of inlets, small coves and bays. As a consequence, you will find two very different types of beaches, those facing open sea, with big waves and relatively cold-water temperatures (16-18 degrees.). The other types of beaches are located more protected in the coves of the bays. These are really ideal if you like to spend time on the beach with your children, because of the calm and warmer waters.

Galician beaches – a secret paradise

At some beaches, you will of course, find a lot of especially Spanish tourist from the inland. But if you know where to look, you can find some of the most spectacular and amazing beaches in Spain with only very few tourists. A curiosity about the Galicians is, that they hardly ever talk loudly about these nature treasures they have been blessed with. It is, as if they are aware of speaking out loud about their beautiful region, will be like opening Pandora’s Box, starting an invasion of tourism unlikely to be matched with the Galician temperament.

Galicia, the new black in Spanish tourism

These years Galicia is experiencing a massive boom in tourists visiting the region, not only because of more pilgrims finding their way to the shrine of Saint James in Santiago de Compostela, but indeed, because of the vast variety of possibilities for all types of holidays you find here. Actually, Galicia has become the third most visited region in Spain. Maybe most important in handling the increasing number of tourists in Galicia, is a very conscious way of” protecting” the landscape, the ancient history and the whole coastline scenery. In Galicia you find very few “all inclusive” beach resorts, if any at all, like the ones you will find in the southern part of Spain. This way of approaching tourism is new in Spain, and possibly the main reason why, you can still find these secret beaches of incredible beauty not overcrowded with tourist.

5 incredible beaches - and how to get there

Playa de Rodas – Las Islas Cies (National Park)

This beach is probably the most famed of all the beaches in Galicia. Some years ago, The Guardian rated this awesome beach among the top 10 beauties in the world. Each year these Islands are visited by some 250.000 people. So, calling this a secret place might be a bit of an exaggeration. Never the less, it is possible to visit the Islands without getting onboard the crowded ferry that takes tourist there for a day trip, or maybe a weekend camp. Spain is More are offering you a unique possibility to visit the Islands on board a private sailboat. You don’t need any previous sailing knowledge, since a local and very experienced skipper will get you safely ashore on the Islands. Click on the link and find how to catch this once in a life time experience

Playa de las Catedrales (As Catedrais, Aguas Santas)

The beach of the Cathedrals will take your breath away - nothing less! Of course, this is not the whole description of these emblematic beaches in the northern part of Galicia. When tide is low the re-emergence of the 30 m high arches reveals this nature beauty. Take a walk on the 880 m long and 50m wide beach and inhale the smell from the sea and listen to the waves rolling in – a totally pure and spiritual experience. Combining a visit to The Cathedrals with a walking holiday in the northern Spain, could really refuel your mental batteries

Playa Carnota - Carnota Beach


The longest beach in the whole of Galicia, with its 7 kilometres Carnota is a natural paradise. The Carnota beach, and actually, the whole area around it reveals the Galician coast as one of the most unexploited in the whole of Spain. Backed by dunes and marshland, the area is a mecca for wildlife. Explore the Galician beaches and combine this with a gastronomy holiday in one of Spain’s secret gems.

Playa Melide - Melide Beach

The Melide Beach is a hidden treasure among the 700 beaches in Galicia. This precious spot on earth is a perfect beach for children to play, while their parents are having a rest in the sun. Here you find white sand and shades from the pine trees, if you need a rest from the sun while eating your lunch. The most impressing about this beach is probably the views to the Las Islas Cies and the open Atlantic Ocean. For the active kind the Protected Natural Park around the Melide Beach, provides a perfect scenery for a hike along the rocky coastline among the lighthouses. Of all the beautiful places and beaches in Galicia, this is absolutely on our own top 3 list.

4 heavenly beaches

Playa de Corveira, Playa de Castiñeiras, Playa Pipín, Playa de San Xián

In the Bay of Aldan (Ria de Aldan) you find these four beaches of incredible beauty. They are more or less connected to each other, it’s really only a matter of picking the one that suits you the best.

The Coveira Beach is the biggest of these four beaches. But being the biggest doesn’t necessarily make you the protagonist. The other three beaches consist of a mix of calm waters, shades and a perfect place for children to play in the white sand, whereas the Coveira beach is a little further out to the open sea, but also has a longer shoreline – and less shades, but really impressive views to the Island of Ons – not an easy choice to pick the right one!

From our point of view this area is among one of the most beautiful places in Galicia. Furthermore, this area is hardly known to tourist from abroad, so you not only get to see some beautiful beaches, you will also encounter the authentic Spanish and Galician lifestyle. In the Bay of Aldan, you also have the opportunity for kayaking in between the more than 40 beaches spread out in between rocks, green trees and white sand.

Check the link, if you are interested in adding these secret places to your holiday experiences - have done list