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Best time to walk or bike El Camino? About the Weather on the Camino!

It’s possible to walk The Camino the whole year, but there are big differences between the different seasons and the different Caminos.

Weather on the Camino

Dry, sunny, little wind and a pleasant temperature are the ideal conditions for hiking or cycling on the Camino de Santiago.

But unfortunately the weather will not always be like this during the pilgrimage. It can be a bit risky... Like the whole route!

When is the best time to do the Camino de Santiago on foot or by bike?

The pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela can be walked all year round, however the weather conditions in northern Spain can vary greatly depending on the season and the route.

The Camino Francés crosses a varied landscape of high mountains, forests, plains and the Meseta plateau. Weather technology can vary greatly from region to region.

Oceanic climate, Mediterranean climate and mountain climate alternate on the Camino del Norte. As a result, the weather can change completely in a short time and vary greatly depending on the region.

In general, the best time to do one of the Camino de Santiago is between April and October. The months of July and August can be very hot and most Spaniards are on holiday so it's a period that is usually busy.

But it can also be very attractive. These months are also known for the many local festivals along the Camino, a good opportunity to experience one or the other during this time.

In the period between October and April we certainly do not rule out good weather, it is possible to do your Camino in this period! The Camino Francés is safely walkable between December and February, but you will have to contend with changeable weather with snow, cold (minus at night), wind and rain.

Normally in winter I bet against taking the coastal path, the Camino del Norte. Many hotels are closed, the weather can change at lightning speed and the stages are noticeably more demanding in different weather conditions.

The weather month by month

January & February: cold (0-10 C) and mildly rainy /snowy – very few pilgrims.

March: Moderately cold (10-15 C) and often rainy.

April: Moderately cold (10-15 C) and very rainy in the first weeks of the month, later a bit warmer and less rainy. This is the first month of the Camino season.

May: It could be “summer” or early spring weather – you never know. 12-20 C sometimes rain, but often with nice sunny days. You can expect beautiful views of green fields and flowers. May and September are high seasons on the Camino.

June: It's ideal weather for walking, not too hot (20-30 C) and occassional light rain. There are not too many pilgrims along the way! Strongly recommended period of the year!

July+August: It's a very hot month (30-40 C), without rain (1 or 2 days of 30). After 13 pm it's often too hot to walk! There are many pilgrims on the way and it is important to have your accommodation booked, as pilgrims will leave early and “race” to next town for accomodations. Recommended only with sunhats and strong sun cream.

September: It's not too hot (25-35 C), no rain (1 or 2 days out of 30). It’s a very busy season and hotels and other accomodations will get full. From mid-September the number of pilgrims will decrease. Strongly recommended period for walking.

October: Moderately warm month (15-25 C) with light rain. There might be some heavy rain at the end of the month. Beginning of October is also very recommended period for walking.

November: Cold (5-15 C) and rainy – very few pilgrims.

December: Cold (0-10 C) and rainy /snowy – very few pilgrims.

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Spain is More recommends walking or cycling the Camino Francés from mid-April to late October.

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Buen Camino!