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Pilgrims of León: Peter and Chris from UK

Peter told us how his friend Chris has developed a repetitive strain on his shins because he carried his heavy bag through the snowy weather prior to Burgos.


Peter: “Nowhere does is say that the modern pilgrim has to carry his luggage! We can use luggage transportation, a.k.a. the ‘modern donkey’. Because of his injury my friend couldn’t enjoy his Camino, he is been taking the bus every day because the doctor said he has to rest. I am sure that he would have been fine if he had used luggage transport from the beginning.”

Chris: “Give Peas a Chance! I carry a frozen bag of peas with me because I need a ice pack for my feet. Every day I have to ask in the hotel to please put my bag of peas in the freezer. They must think that I am crazy!”

Thanks a lot to Peter and Chris for these imporant Camino insights :-)