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The Guardia Civil provides an app for pilgrims on the Camino


La Guardia Civil (Spanish police) has an app to improve safety for pilgrims on the camino. The only thing you have to do is download the app  and switch on the 'geolocation' on your mobile phone.

The app is called 'Alertcops' and is managed by the policy in a monitoring center that works 24/7, making it easier for pilgrims to contact the police or to call in for help.The app can also be set in English and works in Spain, but also in some parts of Portugal and France.

Download the Alertcops app and search for the 'Guardian Benemérito' function to sign up before you start walking your camino. This way you are protected 24 hours a day during your camino and you can easily ask for help.

We wish you a good and, above all, safe Camino!

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