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Brexit update and preparations

All you need to know about traveling to Spain after Brexit


You are surely thinking about Brexit implications on your travel to Spain if you are a UK based Spain is More customer. Especially a no-deal exit and manybe you are already planning for it. We thought it might be useful to share the facts about Brexit as we see them and what we are doing about it.

There is a lot we know that will be in place - deal or no deal:

* UK-EU flights will operate - the European Commission has confirmed UK airlines can fly to the EU. A cap on the number of flights based on 2018 levels is being contested.

* Ferry services and cruises from the UK will sail - shipping rules are mostly international.

* UK passport-holders won't need visas for the EU - an electronic visa-waiver scheme for the Schengen area is due in 2021 but would happen anyway and is nothing to do with Brexit.

* Passports must be valid for six months from arrival date. Here's a useful link for your customers.

* Package customers will continue to enjoy full protection thanks to the EU Package Travel Directive which the UK will remain part of as the same level of protection has been written into UK law.

* The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) won't be valid in the event of no deal. You should recommend that your customers have adequate travel insurance in place.

* UK drivers in the EU will need an International Driving Permit - available from the Post Office for £5.50.

* Pets will still be able to travel, but owners should consult a vet in advance about documents and health checks.