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Statistics for The Camino de Santiago

Some statistics for The Camino de Santiago (2015-2016):

Who walks the Camino? Approx. 200,000 people annually. Of these, 56 % were men.

85% wandering route and 15% runs on bike.

Nearly half are from Spain, 8% are from Germany, 7% from Italy, 5% from Portugal, 4% from France, 4% from the U.S., 2% from Ireland, 2% from the UK - but all in all it there are about 120 countries represented.

70% follow the French route, 13% the Portuguese route, 7% the northern route, 4% the primitive route and just under 2% the English route. The rest migrate along other routes or the silver route.

Per month (2016/number of pilgrims arriving to Santiago de Compostela):

January: 1.304

February: 1.733

March: 11.067

April: 15.103

May: 32.782

June: 39.079

July: 45.483

August: 53.711

September: 40.157

October: 28.232

November (2015): 5.229

December (2015): 2.062