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The Ultimate Guide to Active Adventures in Northern Spai

Northern Spain: A Paradise for Active Travelers in All Seasons. Enjoy the pleasant summer temperatures and explore the diverse natural landscapes, offering adventures for everyone. Discover our top activity suggestions, perfect for any self-drive holiday.


What Activities Should I Choose in Northern Spain?

Northern Spain offers a range of world-class activities. While some activities might be better experienced elsewhere, below is a list of activities you should consider for your multi-adventure trip in Northern Spain. Navigating to the right location and finding the best provider or guide can be challenging.

Spain is More specializes in offering tailor-made experiences in Spain, including active multi-adventure trips in Northern Spain. We can help arrange the perfect activity or combination of activities to match your skill level, from complete beginners to more experienced adventurers. We collaborate with the best providers and guides in the region and ensure all necessary equipment and experienced guides are provided for a safe and memorable experience. Whether you’re seeking a gentle introduction or a more challenging adventure, Spain is More can create an experience perfectly suited to your needs and abilities.


Canyoning in Northern Spain

(Cantabria, Asturias, and Aragon)

'Canyoning' is a mountain activity involving hiking, climbing, jumping, swimming, and rappelling through natural watercourses or tributaries. Northern Spain is recognized as one of the best places for canyoning, thanks to its unique and varied geography. The area boasts numerous natural gorges and rivers, ideal for this activity. The terrain in Northern Spain ranges from gentle streams to more challenging gorges, making it a perfect spot for both beginners and experienced canyoning enthusiasts.


Surfing in Northern Spain

(Basque Country and Cantabria)

Surf Northern Spain Holiday

Northern Spain is known as one of the world's premier surfing areas, attracting surfers globally. You can take surfing courses of varying lengths or simply rent equipment and explore on your own. The choice of beach depends on your level, with many offering favorable conditions for beginners and protected areas for more advanced surfers, even on windy days. It’s important that the beach provides a good experience, with some areas sheltered by cliffs or having currents that make it nearly always suitable for surfing. The provider should be skilled, with good guides and proper equipment, enhancing the holiday atmosphere once you’re done battling the waves.


Cave Exploration (Speleology)

(Castile and León, Cantabria)

Hulevandring Caving Northern Spain

Northern Spain, filled with underground caves, offers a magical experience in cave exploration. The activity varies in difficulty, from easy and scenic to more adrenaline-pumping adventures. Imagine being equipped with a wetsuit, helmet, and rappelling gear, guided by experts through an ordinary stalactite cave, and then veering off the beaten path into unlit areas. The experience in these caves, featuring underground rivers and stunning galleries, is unforgettable and perfect for adventurers seeking something extra.


Via Ferrata in Northern Spain

(Castile and León, Cantabria, Aragon)

Via Ferrata

After emerging from the caves, Northern Spain presents some of Europe’s best Via Ferrata routes. Essentially mountain climbing on established routes with pre-set steps, ropes, and nets, you’re always secured and accompanied by a guide. These routes, set in beautiful surroundings, offer fantastic experiences for those not afraid of heights.



(Asturias, Basque Country, Galicia)

Kayak Northern Spain

Enjoy leisurely canoe trips through mountain valleys, where the river flows calmly between cliffs and peaks, passing idyllic villages. In Northern Spain, there are numerous options for trips lasting a few hours to several days. You’re typically transported upstream for your journey back to the starting point. Remember, Spain is More offers a popular kayaking tour in the fjords of Galicia.


Hiking and Walking Holidays

Hiking Picos de Europa Northern Spain

Hiking holidays have never been more popular. Northern Spain, home to the famous Camino and other breathtaking mountains like Picos de Europa and the Pyrenees, offers ideal conditions for hiking over several days. Spain is More has been organizing Camino trips since 2009 but also offers other hiking experiences in this diverse region.


Mountain Climbing in Northern Spain

(Castile and León, Cantabria, Aragon)

Mountain climbing in Northern Spain can be an ultimate extreme adventure but is accessible at all levels. The key is finding the right mountains and the best guides with proper equipment. There are many excellent opportunities in different parts of Northern Spain for this exhilarating activity.