Camino Portugues: Porto - Túi


The terrain of the first two stages of this stretch are very varied. The first, after Porto is flat and runs through an industrial area. The hills and nature begin almost as you are finishing this stage and last for the rest of the trip. The are hills are easy, in general, the stretch interesting with beautiful landscapes with a few inclines.

The stages are divided so that the longest are the easiest, and the shortest, a little more difficult.

In the section "Stages" you will find more detailed information of each stage, as well as maps of the profiles of each stage with photos.

Possibility of dividing the Stages: Yes, some. See under Description of the Stages.

The services are quite good along the whole stretch, but there are not as many as on other roads. You have restaurants near the hotel in all the villages where you will stay. In the villages through which you will go, you will find all the services you need like supermarkets, pharmacies, banks ... etc. 

The written guide for Spain is More, that you will receive a couple of weeks prior to departure on your trip, contains practical information about the pilgrim's office, restaurants, maps of towns and cities along the way, information on the location of hotels, telephone numbers, what to do in case of an emergency and many other things that will make your pilgrimage the experience of a lifetime.

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? NOTE: nowhere, in any Camino, will steep cliffs be found next to path!

1: Very easy. Flat and without significant gradients. Good and normally wide paths.

2: Easy. Slightly hilly. Good and normally wide paths.

3: Medium. Hilly, possibly with longer distances between service facilities/cities. Good, sometimes narrow paths.

4: Medium/Hard. Longer, steeper climbs, perhaps with few servicefacilities/cities. Good, sometimes narrow paths.

5: Hard. Long gradient(s), possibly few facilities. Very hilly. Good, sometimes narrow paths.

Featured places: Porto, Ponte de Lima, Tui, Nature

Distance: 123km. (77 miles)

The section profile

Camino Portugués Walk

Steps in this section walk

1.- Oporto - Arcos 32 km

2.- Arcos - Barcelos 20 km

3.- Barcelos - Ponte de Lima 32 km

4.- Ponte de Lima - Cossourado 19 km

5.- Parades de Coura - Tui 20 km

Camino Portugués by bike

Steps in this section by bike

* Remember you can always customize the stages of their journey

Including travel this stretch walk
Including travel this stretch by bike