Camino del Norte: Santander - Gijón


This stretch that runs between Santander to Gijón is a clear example of the best of Northern Spain:  lovely beaches, quaint fishing towns, impressive natural landscapes and culture.

The cuisine is some of the best and judging from a scenery point of view, it would be difficult to find anything more beautiful. 

The terrain along the Camino del Norte is quite varied without being difficult to hike. The majority of the days it's possible to divide the stages, if one chooses. In summary, this route has everything one could desire in a vacation in the North of Spain.

In the "stages" section you will find more detailed information as well as maps of the stages profiles and photos.

Service functions are very good throughout the length of the route.

Possibility of dividing stages: Yes.  See description of the stages.

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? NOTE: nowhere, in any Camino, will steep cliffs be found next to path!

1: Very easy. Flat and without significant gradients. Good and normally wide paths.

2: Easy. Slightly hilly. Good and normally wide paths.

3: Medium. Hilly, possibly with longer distances between service facilities/cities. Good, sometimes narrow paths.

4: Medium/Hard. Longer, steeper climbs, perhaps with few servicefacilities/cities. Good, sometimes narrow paths.

5: Hard. Long gradient(s), possibly few facilities. Very hilly. Good, sometimes narrow paths.

Featured places: Santander, Santillana del Mar, Comillas, Llanes, Gijón

Distance: 0km. (0 miles)

The section profile

Camino del Norte Walk

Steps in this section walk

1.- Santander - Mogro 18 km

2.- Mogro - Santillana del Mar 19 km

3.- Santillana del Mar - Comillas 22 km

4.- Comillas - Serdio 20 km

5.- Serdio - Llanes 29 km

6.- Llanes - Ribadesella 31 km

7.- Ribadesella - Colunga 23 km

8.- Colunga - Villaviciosa 18 km

9.- Villaviciosa - Gijón 29 km

Camino del Norte by bike

Steps in this section by bike

1.- Santander - Comillas (60 km)

2.- Comillas - Llanes (51 km)

3.- Llanes - Colunga (53 km)

4.- Colunga - Gijón (41 km)

* Remember you can always customize the stages of their journey

Including travel this stretch walk
Including travel this stretch by bike