Camino del Norte: Hondarribia - Bilbao


On the Camino del Norte between Hondarribia and Bilbao you will experience one of Spain's most beautiful coastlines up close. The terrain is hilly and sometimes quite demanding, but you can usually find easier and good alternatives on the more difficult stretches.

The route follows a string of wonderful coastal towns and cities, among which the highlights are San Sebastian with its seafront and delicious pinchos (Basque tapas) and Bilboa with its world-famous Guggenheim Museum.

In addition to the stunning coastline and idyllic fishing villages, you can add unique local cuisine to your list that will satisfy the most demanding palate.

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? NOTE: nowhere, in any Camino, will steep cliffs be found next to path!

1: Very easy. Flat and without significant gradients. Good and normally wide paths.

2: Easy. Slightly hilly. Good and normally wide paths.

3: Medium. Hilly, possibly with longer distances between service facilities/cities. Good, sometimes narrow paths.

4: Medium/Hard. Longer, steeper climbs, perhaps with few servicefacilities/cities. Good, sometimes narrow paths.

5: Hard. Long gradient(s), possibly few facilities. Very hilly. Good, sometimes narrow paths.

Featured places: Hondarribia, San Sebastian, Los Pueblos, Bilbao

Distance: 152km. (95 miles)

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Camino del Norte Walk

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1.- Hondarribia - San Sebastián 27 km

2.- San Sebastián - Zarautz 20 km

3.- Zarautz - Deba 22 km

4.- Deba - Markina - Xemein 24 km

5.- Markina - Xemein - Guernika Lumo 25 km

6.- Guernika - Lezama 21 km

7.- Lezama - Bilbao 11 km

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