Camino Francés: León - Sarria


From Leon you will see that the number of pilgrims increases, and there are many reasons for this. First, the stretch from Leon is in many ways one of the most interesting, with many historical sights along the way (most importantly; the Cathedral of León, the medieval bridge in Hospital de Orbigo, the Bishop's Palace of Gaudí in Astorga, the Iron Cross and the Monastery of Samos), lots of beautiful villages, excellent facilities and, above all, a varied terrain through beautiful landscape. 
Spain is More guests, who start their pilgrimage in León, often take the bus the first 35 km. to Hospital de Orbigo. Many people also choose to walk from León, making the trip one day longer. If you chose to walk from León, the first stage is flat, through industry and suburbs for the first 10 kilometers. Afterwards, the huge plain opens before you, followed afterwards to Rabanal del Camino, where the terrain gets quite hilly.

Many others choose to split the stage between Villafranca and O'Cebreiro, as this is long and relatively difficult. If you don't have time to split this stage, but are finding it too tough while traveling, there are good alternatives to travel by bus and taxi at that particular point. With an extra accommodation in Molinaseca or Villafranca, you can take a trip to Las Medulas, which is a spectacular UNESCO-protected nature area where ancient Romans mined for gold.

Possibility of dividing stages: Yes.

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? NOTE: nowhere, in any Camino, will steep cliffs be found next to path!

1: Very easy. Flat and without significant gradients. Good and normally wide paths.

2: Easy. Slightly hilly. Good and normally wide paths.

3: Medium. Hilly, possibly with longer distances between service facilities/cities. Good, sometimes narrow paths.

4: Medium/Hard. Longer, steeper climbs, perhaps with few servicefacilities/cities. Good, sometimes narrow paths.

5: Hard. Long gradient(s), possibly few facilities. Very hilly. Good, sometimes narrow paths.

Featured places: León, Astorga, Iron Cross, Molinaseca, Villafranca del Bierzo, Bodegas del Vino del Bierzo, O' Cebreiro, Samos

Distance: 194km. (121 miles)

The section profile

Camino de Santiago Francés Walk

Steps in this section walk

1.- León - Viladangos 22 km

2.- Viladangos - Astorga 28 km

3.- Astorga - Rabanal del Camino 21 km

4.- Rabanal de Camino - Molinaseca 27 km

5.- Molinaseca - Villafranca del Bierzo 29 km

6.- Villafranca del Bierzo - O Cebreiro 28 km

7.- O Cebreiro - Tricastela 21 km

8.- Tricastela - Sarria 18 km

Camino de Santiago Francés by bike

Steps in this section by bike

1.- León - Astorga (50 km)

2.- Astorga - Molinaseca (46 km)

3.- Molinaseca - Vega de Valcarse (51 km)

4.- Vega de Valcarse - Sarria (47 km)

* Remember you can always customize the stages of their journey

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