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CANTABRIA: Amazing apartments with swimmingpool only 5 min. walk from the city

Located in a historical city only 7 km from the beach.


These magnificent apartments are located in a historic Cantabrian village, close to the coast. You can enjoy incomparable surroundings here, in an area that is full of history and culture. 

The property is located in the upper part of the town, offering views of the historic zone of the medieval town, all in an enclosed and landscaped area with pools (for both children and adults).

There are apartments for 2-3 persons, duplexes for 4-5 people, and 4-6 people in two newly constructed buildings, built with stone and wood, which gives it a rustic look but with a cosy and modern interior. 

Each of the accommodations is equipped with comfortable and modern furnishings and all the small details for an unforgettable break. There is excellent kitchenware, appliances, linens and towels

. All apartments have television, bathroom and heating. Outside there is free parking, a swimming pool, terrace and spacious gardens. 

Facilities / Features
  2. 1) 2/3 PAX Apartment
  3. Living room with TV and 1.35 cm sofa bed.
  4. Full kitchen (hob, microwave, etc.)
  5. A room with a double bed
  6. Bathroom
  7. Terrace
  8. Heating
  9. No pets
  10. 2) 4/5 PAX Apartment

  11. Living room with TV.
  12. A room with a double bed
  13. A room with a sofa bed
  14. A room with two beds
  15. Full kitchen (hob, microwave, etc.)
  16. 2 Bathroom
  17. Terrace
  18. Heating
  19. No pets
  20. 3) 4/6 PAX Apartment
  21. Living room with TV.
  22. 2 rooms with a double bed
  23. A room with 2 sofa bed
  24. Full kitchen (hob, microwave, etc.)
  25. 2 Bathroom
  26. Terrace
  27. Heating
  28. No pets
  29. One of the services offered by this accommodation is the "Txoko" (Basque gastronomic society). Customers can reserve the use of the Txoko for celebrations and special events. It is a warm and inviting 180 m2 room, which is equipped with a kitchen and all the necessary kitchenware. Guests can cook for themselves or bring your own chef, they can also bring their own provisions or ask our staff to take care of everything, such as catering, decorations, flowers and sweet tables. Ask us for whatever comes to mind and we will arrange it for you.
  31. Apartments 5 minutes away walking from town´s historical center.
  32. Apartments with 1 or 2 bethrooms
  33. Excellent kitchenware and appliances
  34. Linen and towels
  35. Terrace
  36. Parking 
  37. Swimmingpool
  38. Big garden
  39. Txoko


  • Price
    From 700 EUR/week
What to see
  1. Altamira´s caves
  2. Cabárceno´s zoo
  3. Picos de Europa.
  4. Santander
  5. Beautiful historical towns
  6. Activities such as surfing, golf, horseback riding, cycling, hiking...
  7. NOTE: When you book your holidays through Spain is more you will get a comprehensive travel guide with recommendations for restaurants, sightseeing, driving directions and much more.

Experiences from our guests

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