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Benefits of Kayaking

Fecha: 2019-01-04

We live in a very hectic world trying to keep up the pace of day-to-day life surrounded by noise and electronic devices. We spend our time in urban environments and don´t go out in nature as much as we probably should.

We live in a very hectic world trying to keep up the pace of day-to-day life surrounded by noise and electronic devices. We spend our time in urban environments and don´t go out in nature as much as we probably should.

But it´s essential to destress from the modern world and relax. Kayaking is not only about being out in nature, but also one of the best ways to get peace and quiet:

You are left with your kayak and the sound of your paddle in the water.

What are the benefits of kayaking?

1. It brings you closer to nature

The compact size of your kayak gives you freedom to explore islands, coves, etc and you can even make a stop and land on shore to walk around when you see soemthing interesting. You get to see nature and wildlife in action since you can get really close once you stop paddling and start drifting.

2. Being by the Water Is Relaxing
Water is known to have a relaxing effect on people. It creates a sense of awe and it is a humbling experience to view how great and vast the water around you truly is.

3. It provides exercise

Many of us suffers a lack of exercising. We need to need to find time to move our bodies and this is a perfect opportunity to do this, and also out in the nature!

Kayaking is a full body sport that offers many health benefits, including:

· Improved cardiovascular health

· Upper body workout

· Toning of legs

· Increased core strength

· Weight loss

4. Endorphins make the Brain Happy

Exercise (especially cardio) has been linked to the release of endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are known as “the things that make your brain happy”, so by kayaking, you’re fueling your brain with good vibes.
When your brain releases endorphins, the stress levels lower in your bod. If your body is less stressed, your mind will be less stressed, too.

5. Kayaking is a Moving Meditation

If you’ve done yoga, you know what a moving meditation is. Moving meditations focus on your breath in relation to your steady and constant movements. When you’re paddling, you’re doing the same motion again and again. It´s just like doing the same postures over and over again in yoga and we already know that yoga is relaxing.

6. The Sun

When you are inside, it´s impossible to get the much needed vitamin D. Kayaking offers you an excellent way to be outside and also to get some sunshine.
On a day with the sun shining bright, you’ll be able to see the beauty of the world around you while feeling the warmth of the sun touching your skin.

7. Social or Solitary

If you relax when you’re around others, getting some friends and hitting the water is a great way to destress. Chatting about what’s happened to you recently and sharing the beautiful views around you can be a great source of comfort.

If you’re around people all the time and you need some peace and quiet, kayaking can give you that escape as well. Go out on your own to get some much needed quality alone time.

Kayaking can give you the release you need, whether that means bringing your friends along for the ride, or heading out alone get a break.

Whatever the reason that drive people to kayak, one thing makes them repeat: the indescribable feeling that you only get by getting into your kayak, pushing away from land, putting the paddle into the water, and taking the first stroke! As you leave your day-to-day routine, problems, and stress on land, you are floating and you are free!

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