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It's time for Semana Santa again

Fecha: 2019-04-11

More than 500 years ago, but in Leon the suffering, death and resurrection of Christ is still represented. During this week, mainly austerity, seriousness, faith and feeling prevail. The Holy Week of León was declared to International Tourist Interest. The most important days in Holy Week in León are:

White Thursday

There are processions all the day, starting early in the morning. The proclamation on horseback will take place through the streets of León at noon.

The last supper of Christ is celebrated in the afternoon. One of the most beautiful and emotional processions.

After this procession, a special and unique act takes place around the tradition of Easter, the Ronda. Around 12:00 the Ronda leaves from the Plaza San Marcelo, in the heart of the city, where the official "statues" are worn outside and used in the procession the next morning.

Another "procession" is the funeral of Genarín, famous in his time, because he loved drinking in the city. He was hit by the first garbage truck in the city and died. After this the tradition started to remember him with a "procession" that runs through the streets of Barrio Humido and Romantico.

Good Friday

The main procession of the city starts at 7:30 in the morning. There are 13 stages that show the most important moments of the way to the crucifix through Jesus.

During this procession, The Meeting takes place, the most striking procession. This is being performed in the Plaza Mayor. And after a short sermon from the balcony of the Consistory, the meeting takes place between San Juan and La Dolorosa. This meeting attracts thousands of tourists to León every year.


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