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Alternative Camino Tours

Camino Group tours

Alternative Camino Tours

Camino with family and kids

Alternative Camino Tours

Camino on motorcycle

Alternative Camino Tours

Camino in Kayak, Camino with your family or kids, or by car or motorcykle. Do the camino in different ways.

Click and find exciting alternative ways to experience the Camino. Find Camino Tours in Kayak, Guided Camino-Groups Tours, Camino with Family and Kids, by Car or Motorcycle etc.

The usual way to experience the Camino is on foot or by bike, but the Camino can easily be experienced in other exciting and unique ways. Spain is More offers the best Alternative Tours along the Camino, while still ensuring a magnificent Camino experience. How about a guided kayak tour to Santiago, a motorcycle trip or a car trip on the small roads that revolves around the Camino? Or, what about a special Camino walking tour with the Camino continuing to be the focus, but in a way that's manageable for children or family providing shorter stages and lots of exciting activities for everyone? The possibilities are endless and hopefully you can find your personal favorite among our Alternative Camino Tours.

Spain is More Alternative Camino Tours can be combined and arranged as desired. If you want a different itinerary for the Motorcycle Tour or the Camino Road-trip Tour, the program can be personalised and changed. If you wish additional nights in Santiago after the kayaking, a beach holiday after the Camino-Family-Tour or maybe a stay in Madrid or Barcelona at the end of the trip, it can all be included. Let your imagination run wild! We hope you'll like our alternative travel suggestions along the Camino and decide to book with us the tour of a lifetime.

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Our train trips

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Self-drive holiday along the Camino de Santiago

From Bilbao to Santiago de Compostela along the Saint James Way. Includes car, hotels and English guidebook.

From 855 €/pers. Per person in a double room

Self-drive holiday along the Camino de Santiago

On Motorcycle along the Camino Frances and Camino del Norte - Bilbao

Northern Spain Round Trip in 8 days - León - Santiago - Gijón - Bilbao - León

From 970 €/pers. 2 pers/motorcycle in shared double room

On Motorcycle along the Camino Frances and Camino del Norte - Bilbao

Kayak the Camino de Santiago

Kayak the Camino de Santiago

From 675 €/pers. Per Person for Double Room Occupancy* (*only in Santiago)

Kayak the Camino de Santiago

Experiences from our guests

Discover Northern Spain

Northern Spain offers world-class experiences within nature, culture, gastronomy and traditions.

Why Northern Spain?

Northern Spain conceals countless secrets waiting to be discovered, tasted, seen and tried.

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