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Covid-19 update 08.07.2020



NOTE: As we receive many inquiries, please write an email, instead of calling, to - and please read below.

UPDATE 08.07.2020:

Do you have an already booked trip for 2020?

In that case, we will investigate whether the journey remains feasible. If you want to complete the journey and at the same time it is practically possible, the journey can be completed. However, some airlines allow to postpone the flight for up to a year, or make a so-called stand-by ticket, which must be used before the end of January. Thus, at Spain is More, we do not charge any fees if you wish is postponed as long as its possible according to airline conditons. This will depend on a specific assessment in each case.

New journeys for 2020 and 2021

We have chosen not to include flights for the rest of 2020, but we will help you and recommend the best flight.

We are getting a lot of inquiries at the moment. We therefore we ask for patience in the replies and we very much welcome your inquiry by email. There are no deadlines etc. which transcends without us having been able to contact you.