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Why autumn is a good season to visit northern Spain

Fecha: 2019-09-23 On September 23 it is officially fall or in the Castilian “otoño”, also in Spain and that must be celebrated.


On September 23 it is officially fall or in the Castilian “otoño”, also in Spain and that must be celebrated. Gone are the crowded and crowded beaches, gone are those busy and crowded hotels, gone are the busy restaurants and gone with the extremely hot temperatures. Welcome autumn, the season that for many Spaniards visitors is one of the best moments of the year to visit the country. The time of the year to enjoy the Spanish summer, walk along the beach or in the countryside and generally a better time to honor Spain with a visit.

During the summer months, Spain is one of Europe's most beloved countries to visit for the typical beach holidays. In the fall, on the other hand, one can travel to Spain to enjoy the peace, nature and culture.

For many Spaniards lovers, autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year to visit the country. Even those who made Spain their first or second country of residence will receive the autumn with open arms. However, there are even more reasons why autumn is just one of the best times of the year to visit Spain.

The colours

Spain is littered with forests and large pieces of nature and what is more beautiful than the leaves of the trees that change color to light and then dark brown. The ground is littered with fallen leaves and walking through these forests and beautiful nature is a delight for the senses.

This time of year is great for those who are a fan of photography and excellent photos can be made. The most beautiful forests can be found in Navarre, Madrid, Pyrenees and the Picos de Europa, although there are of course many other places in Spain where you can enjoy the colors and scents of nature.

The wine

September is the month that the grapes are picked and later used to make the famous Spanish wines and Cava's. Whether the picking of these grapes is done manually as with the smaller bodegas or with large machines such as the large bodegas, it remains a spectacle to see how people work hard to pick the grapes. If you feel like it, you can undoubtedly participate in picking the grapes or see how the wine making process is.

To walk

There is plenty to do in Spain and the many nature parks and thousands of hiking trails are certainly nice to walk in the fall. The weather is usually pleasantly warm (sometimes even too hot) and in the morning and evening hours it is pleasantly fresh to sometimes even cold. In the hiking areas it is generally much quieter than during the busy summers and you naturally experience nature much better. So a pilgrimage in October is also great! Do you want to go to the camino last minute? Then click here.


If walking is not your thing, you can always choose to go to one of the cultural highlights to view the monuments. In general it is much quieter everywhere than in the busy summer months, so waiting times are less long and sometimes prices are lower. In addition, visiting a monument is much quieter without hundreds of tourists walking around you to push around to take pictures (but not really seeing the beauty).


And what about the gastronomy in Spain, something that of course is not only delicious in the fall but actually throughout the year. In the fall, however, it seems that the food tastes different and you can enjoy mushrooms, chestnuts and many more goodies.

Be surprised by the versatility of Spanish cuisine and look beyond the typical tapas, pinchos, calamari and paella. It is not for nothing that Spain is a country with many Michelin restaurants and a few top chefs, people know what good food is in Spain and it seems that they sometimes eat better in the fall than during the warm summer months.

These are just a few reasons to come to Spain in the fall or otoño, but of course there are many more to mention.

Do you want to visit Northern Spain in the fall? Then visit for more inspiration.

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